Capital One redlines part of Boston; won't let customers use ATMs, won't say what area's borders are

Eeka, who has a Capital One debit card, reports she discovered this morning the bank has decided to block the card's use in parts of Boston due to fraud reasons. Only problem is, they won't tell her where she can use her card"

They're unable to tell me anything about which ATMs and stores are and are not flagged, because it's sensitive data. They won't even tell me the location of one ATM that is allowing transactions to go through. She told me to drive around and try ATMs in different areas. Which, if I didn't have to work, I could. I already haven't been able to buy lunch or pay for parking where I'd intended to park. Fortunately, I have enough gas in my car for today. She told me she can't tell me how long they block transactions in an area. She couldn't even confirm whether their own ATMs in their stupid cafes worked, and said those would get flagged too if there was fraud in the area.



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I have capital one 360 and

I have capital one 360 and loved it when it was ING Direct I agree with Eeka it's gone downhill since Capital One bought it. I have never used my card at their cafes I do however use it at 7-Eleven's ATMs (or any Allpoint atm) all of the time to take cash out without being charged a fee. Maybe it will work there?

I'm with you on the ING opinion.

I also thought they were awesome. ING started going downhill before the merger was announced. This was most likely since COF started taking over ING and making immediate changes. Bank mergers almost always screw customers over.

Anyone remember the advertisements on the T for Capital One 360? They promised some "really good" interest if you opened an account with $100,000.00. Yeah, people taking the T have that much money laying around their multimillion dollars pads...


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Who would have thought a debit card that relies on people withdrawing money at gas stations and mini marts would have security issues. I know, as I do my banking at Hess and have had to replace my card twice this year due to fraud. I agree when it was ING the high interest rates and not paying for checks made it worth it. Now, I'm just too lazy to change but getting close.

Should work at 799 Boylston

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Should work at 799 Boylston Street in the back bay and 129 Tremont Street in Downtown Crossing.

I have the same card as a backup checking/savings account. Every time I decide to use this card there is never a fee free atm around me. Makes me want to change banks.

Debit card blocking

As much as I do love People's Federal Savings Bank, their new(ish) policy of blocking all out-of-state debit card use for fear of fraud is absolutely maddening. Even though we told them that we were going out of town one weekend earlier this year, they managed to give us two days of approved use and then shut us down on our last day, which very nearly left us stranded penniless in NYC.

This Capital One situation seems even worse.

CapitalOne - bad business

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CapOne 360 just closed my account after 10 years for no reason (which they can legally do, even thought it is a d*ck move) .

I never had problems with ING, but I am actually glad to be rid of CapOne 360, even though they closed my account on July 30 and sent an email to inform me of the closure. Totally screwed me on paying bills for the first of the month.

If you have this bank, make sure you have another account linked to it - if I hadn't had another account with a different bank already linked , I would have had to wait 10-12 days for a paper check with my account balances instead of 3 days.

Did they list a reason for closing your account?

I read an article where one guy's account was closed due to the number of complaints he was making. I went looking for the article to link but couldn't find it. Seems entirely wrong to close someone's account for giving candid input.

Still languishing

I opened a savings account with ING early on because of the interest rate. Later, Emigrant Direct, and then Ally had slightly better rates. I still have $60 in the now Capital One account. I check in every now and then to see my 3 cents of interest every month (more than my checking account). I'm surprised mine hasn't been closed.

I see a couple of posts and

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I see a couple of posts and comments, but they're all by Eeka, or someone else with the same last name who links to Eeka's blog.


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Capital One 360 left up my and my spouse's comments and responded to my tweets, but they deleted a bunch of other Facebook comments from other people who were saying their stuff was blocked too. They left me a really apologetic voicemail today that they're going to fix things, but I haven't had a chance to call back. I wonder if their social media engineers are leaving my stuff up and being responsive to one customer (who was quite the squeaky wheel...) but trying to make it look like my issue is a fluke?

Me too

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I love my credit union.. I had a ING account also which was switched to Capital One 360.

Even though 360 is theoretically a different division of CapitalOne, I wanted nothing to do with them considering I had FOUR 400 dollar limit credit cards with them, and they wouldn't combine it after I asked (even with my good credit rating). Talk about red lining.. it was all a scam to make overage fees. Why up the limit on one card when you can have folks go over and charge a fee? Uh yeah buh bye. (and hello to Chase!)

The only reason why Capital One 360 is exists was to get TARP money anyways. They wanted to be bailed out like the banks, but since they did not have physical branches they did not qualify. Funny how a few months later they are opening up 360 locations like mad and ended up getting TARP money. (same reason why GMAC Financing became Ally Bank)

Bunch a corporate scum bucket sleeze bags. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy on Capital One.

Two words: Credit Union

When Cap1 bought ING a few years ago I transferred my accounts to DCU. I've never regretted it. They have been a dream to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough ( also- no atm charges at any other credit union atm, so while there aren't any DCU branches in Boston, I can, for instance, use the atm at the Industrial Credit Union in Liberty Square for free).

I've had great service from

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I've had great service from Cambridge Trust, a small local bank.

A few years ago, a scammer took money from my account using a fake paper check. They fixed things instantly when I called -- gave me the money back, and met me right away to do the paperwork to change my account number.

Fast forward to this summer. I had forgotten to change over a linked transfer account which I don't use very much. A transfer went through to the old closed account number. The branch manager called me that morning and asked if it was legitimate. When I said it was, she redirected it to the new account, with no fees or hassle involved.

It's not a credit union, but I still couldn't imagine better service.

Close your account?

Years ago I thought I had lost my debit card (I later found out I had actually just knocked it off/behind my dresser), and HSBC gave me a really hard time getting a new one...sent to the address I had on file with them for years. I told them to either send a card, or I was walking into a branch the next day and closing my account. The next day, I did just that on my lunch break.

I don't (willingly) give my business to places that make doing said business more difficult than it should be, plain and simple.

I would, but...

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I have a mortgage with them, and this is the checking account required as part of the formerly ING mortgage package and required to have direct deposit into, etc. I could (and might...) set it up to only pay my mortgage out of and have the rest of our direct deposit funds transfer out to a credit union, but you can see why this isn't as easy as just changing banks. Can't just walk in and open up a new mortgage.

So, friends, what credit unions do you like?

Metro Credit Union

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Seriously, Metro is the best. Their My Reward accounts are incredible. A refund of ALL ATM fees monthly, and the savings account interest rate is 3% or so for balances up to $3000. Can't beat it.


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This must not been around here. Where is there an HSBC around here?

Cambridge Savings Bank

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CSB is a local credit union and they refund your ATM fees so you can get cash anywhere without a fee. As for day to day purchases, use a credit card. Debit cards are inherently insecure because they are linked to your bank account. A fraudster can wipe out all your cash in a matter of minutes. Believe me, it's a headache you don't want to experience.

And no protection

Debit cards are inherently insecure because they are linked to your bank account.

And you don't get the protection credit cards generally have.

Not a credit union, but a local bank

In my dealings with them they have been very reasonable. We just took the opportunity to use the credit union when I worked for Harvard, or I might have my accounts there. We had our first mortgage there, but refinanced to 15 year at a lower rate - not because we weren't happy with them.

I found a debit card from them on the ground in Ball Square - somebody dropped it crossing Boston Ave. I called them and they asked me to drop it by a branch so they could contact the owner and otherwise take care of it.

Suspected fraud on my card

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It looks like my Capital One 360 debit card has been X-ed out too. I tried making a purchase tonight and it wouldn't go through.

Coincidentally (or not?), last night I noticed two unauthorized charges on my account that was pending. It was after business hours, so I called them this morning (Wednesday) to discuss those charges. They had already disappeared by then, but I called just to make sure.

The rep said it could be anything, probably a mistaken charge, so I opted against cancelling my card (and waiting a week or more without access to my funds).

This block totally blows. Not sure which area is in the zone, but my purchase attempt was in Roxbury.


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Places where it didn't work were South End/Roxburyish. I got some twitter messages and e-mails about other places people's cards weren't working in the same area.

They're now saying those places maybe weren't all blocked, because one of the associates also messed up something on my card, so part of the issue was my card. I am really curious though whether they actually blocked two CVSes. That's just not OK; what if people need meds the same day and they're not ones that are carried at every CVS? Hey, has anyone tried using a Capital One 360 card to pay copays or parking at BMC? It's in the same area as one of the CVSes. That would also be sick and wrong to block.

Also they're going to send me something special in the mail to make up for it. Hmm...

Ditched CapOne after two weeks

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When I first moved up here, I had a regional bank account from a different part of the country, so I decided I needed to get something local. I decided to try CapOne. I deposited some money into a new account, and then went home and tried to sign on to the website.

In addition to a username and password, I have to enter my debit card number?

And my ATM PIN?!?!?

Who ever had that kind of stupid idea?

I went back down there the next time I was able and closed the account on principle. If they treat security like that, no chance in bloody hell am I going to trust them with my money.

I'm shocked and dismayed,

with spokespeople like Alec Baldwin and a Bulgarian guy calling himself "Peggy", who could have expected that they weren't legit?