Man drives car into West Roxbury VA hospital

Car into VA hospital

The sign does say "24 Hour Entrance." Photo by BFD.


The Boston Fire Department reports an elderly man drove his car into a mechanical room at the VA hospital on VFW Parkway around 12:25 p.m. The man was taken out and brought to the hospital emergency room, where doctors found no serious injuries.

The car did not structural damage to the building, the department says.



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    One of my company's drivers called and claimed the car was fully inside of the building, and about 5 fire trucks came roaring in. An ER employee told my coworker that the place seemed like it was made of cardboard based on how the walls were punched through and collapsed.

    No one inside was hurt, as the car went into a mechanical room at the ER, and not into any offices or beds. The driver was elderly, but is not believed to be a veteran, and was thus transported to another hospital.

    Load Bearing vs Non

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    Guessing the age of the portion of the building in the picture, I'm going to go with "Non-loadbearing exterior walls for $1,000, Alex."

    It looks like a thinset veneer granite panel on some type of exterior sheathing. I'm not certain where the structural studs are unless he hit a panel that is meant to be removable to pull mechanical equipment out. Then again, 'mechanical room' can be a catchall term: sprinkler/water, compressor for the facility maintenance team, water boilers, heating system to name a few. The layperson might even call the electric and tel/data rooms 'mechanical room'.

    If it's a mechanical room for the ER, it might hold dedicated equipment just for that department, perhaps even spare oxygen canisters. It's tough to tell because we can't see the whole picture, pun not intended, I just can't see enough of that part of the building. :)

    That sign

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    Is perfectly placed!