Car drives through South Boston real-estate office

Car in store in South Boston

Boston firefighters rushed to East Broadway around 9:35 a.m. when a car drove into Jack Conway Realty.

It is a Mercury Marquis. The driver put it in reverse in the Rite Aid lot across the street. It traveled across Broadway

At 10:10 a.m., the department reported the car's two occupants were still inside and that firefighters are waiting for a building inspector to arrive for a consultation before they try to remove the vehicle, because it hit a load-bearing wall.



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Update from BFD Twitter

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The car is actually in the wall of a real estate office across Broadway from Rite Aid. The driver backed out of the Rite Aid lot, across four lanes of E. Broadway and ended up in the wall of the Conway Real Estate office. No one was hit & no other cars impacted which is amazing at this time of day on a Saturday morning in that area. They have determined that it is okay to remove the car and are working on that now. The driver has been transported to the hospital.

Guard rail

A guard rail is supposed to stop a vehicle. In this case, it looks like it just launched this one up as it was heading backwards towards the wall. Another crash that manual transmissions would have prevented. Don't see much insulation in this commercial building.

Wrong Direction

I don't think the guard rail was installed there for the sake of preventing people from rapidly backing across the road and into the building.

Harder to do

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In a manual the gears feel different when starting in them. Reverse also is either nowhere near first, or you have to press the stick down to get into it if it's next to first. Also your brain is more trained to be feeling and processing what the car is doing as you do it.

Clutching (Not Pearls)

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I think the more important difference is that you must use your left foot for the clutch. To stop, you need depress the clutch pedal in addition to the brake, and while it becomes second nature to use both feet, you can NEVER use your left foot for braking. Even if someone steps on the accelerator instead of the brake, the car won't do very much if they're also stepping on the clutch.

Lack of parking

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We told you there was a lack of parking in Southie

Backwards, on a shallow diagonal, a long way

across two sidewalks and four usually full lanes of traffic (approaching / leaving the nearby intersection with also-busy L Street) on the #5, #9 and #10 bus routes into the neighborhood's busiest parking lot. Kind of miraculous nobody and nothing else got hit.

I just heard myself say out

I just heard myself say out loud, in the best version of a Boston accent I can muster: "That is one hell of a pah-kin space!"

Glad that no one was injured, and I hope that the driver figures out why he/she did that.

Correction: he didn't hit nothing else

According to the Herald, bystanders report he sideswiped a minivan in the Rite-Aid parking lot at the start of his, um, trip, and hit a car in the Stop & Shop parking lot before crashing through the building wall.

After having lived in Southie

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After having lived in Southie a measly 3 years, this absolutely does not surprise me one bit. Plus lets be honest, he probably swerved to avoid a yuppie on a bicycle while reaching for his pint of Jameson.


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Teach Jack Conway a lesson and convert the office to condos now that it needs renovations.