Car owner's status as veteran saves car parked in Southie from usual fate

Veteran parks in South Boston space, gets angry note on windshield

SouthieNEC noticed this angry note on a car parked on Gates Street tonight.

Another Southie car owner gets both note and vandalism.



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That veteran risked their life and served their country so you could have your FREE PARKING on PUBLIC property! Show some respect and stop this UNAMERICAN space saving shit!


No excuse

Being a Veteran isn't a get out of jail free card. Perhaps this guy is a douche bag and serving in the military doesn't make him less of a douchebag. Maybe the Veteran is an awesome guy but loaned his car to a jerk.


Or maybe...

..the individual's status as a veteran has absolutely nothing to do with the entitled behavior of those who think that their labor buys them a parking spot. I have news for you: it is a public spot, and no amount of sweat and labor changes its status to private for any legnth of time. I've shoveled my car out more times than I can count, and I have never once saved my spot.



"That veteran risked their life and served their country"

Says who? You do realize that for a huge number of "veterans", the biggest risk they faced was their cot collapsing, right?

Far as the DMV is concerned, "veteran" means "ex-military and didn't fuck up bad enough to get a dishonorable discharge" (which means you fucked up pretty badly.)

"180 days of regular active duty service (enlisted or drafted service) and a last discharge or release under honorable conditions (does not include training), or 90 days of active duty service (Reservists or National Guard), one day of which is during "wartime" and a last discharge or release under honorable conditions (does not include training)"

Given we're in "wartime" and have been for ages, a national guardsman who spends 3 months jockeying a desk in Framingham could qualify for "veteran" plates and the only "service" they did for their country was really no different from "service" they would have done a private employer.


did you serve?


It should not matter if they sat at a desk in Framingham or overseas....The fact of the matter is they volunteered to protect your right to spout off. S/he at the ready to give life or limb to defend our freedom. Show some respect for those that wear the uniform.

For all service members who have 'served' our country: thank you!



There hasn't been a snow emergency in 2 weeks. This particular vet has done tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. His first tour was with Air Force. When done with Air Force he chose to enlist with Army so he could be on the front lines, and he fought proudly.



Given your rant I can draw several possible conclusions about you:

1.) You tried to join the military but a medical condition, or perhaps something else, disqualified you.

2.) You did a few years in the military and had a really shitty time.

3.) You're a chronic malcontent.

4.) You're an ignorant troll who has no idea the sacrifices that members of the miltary make, and feel the need to tear down anyone who shows their support for those who have served.

I'm going with 3 and 4. Did I win?


There are actually different

There are actually different types of veteran plates. There are the standard ones you describe above, and are similar to a special plate as you have to pay an extra fee for them.

The other are the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star etc. plates for recipients of those medals. Registration fees are waived and those plates also read "Veteran". I'm guessing you never served because you're obviously unaware that joining the military is a commitment to serving your country, whether you see action or not.


This note should've been accompanied by a picture of the 1-2 shovel's worth of snow that were needed to clear the spot...


I'd like to say that...

The whole space saving issue around Boston is absurd. If everyone took the time and care to shovel and help one another, the streets would be clear and there would be no need to put a broken lawn chair in your claimed spot. This goes for the sidewalks, too. I was raised to always respect and consider others, shovel the sidewalk and even down to the neighbor on each side's walk out of courtesy. Pay it forward!

Americans have become SO lazy and ignorant. People don't even hold doors for one another or thank those who do. They push each other to get in a T door that has yet to open. Walk straight into each other because they are too busy glued to their smartphone and can't see/don't care what or who is in their path. It is sickening and sad.

Sorry for the rant. Just disgusted with people these days. And commuting via public transit twice a day really hammers it in!

And yes, that veteran deserved your damn shoveled spot. Why even leave a note like that knowing the person is a veteran? Show some respect for those who have put their lives on the line for idiots like you who have nothing better to do than monitor a parking space . First world problems.


Whiny Cyclist

Put 3-4 Angostura bitters tears, at how you're maligned in traffic, in a champagne flute. Toss in 1 sugar cube to carb load. Add a shot of absinthe to make you crazy enough to wear those spandex suits. Add chilled champagne (or a sparkling wine) of a quality to match the price you paid for that new carbon-fiber body frame. Stir until as white as the snow blocking your use of the DCR pathway.

In the winter, substitute salt for the sugar cube...lots of salt.

This is a modification of Death in the Afternoon. I call it Death in the Afternoon Commute Home.


Boston (and Cambridge &

Boston (and Cambridge & Somerville) need a two-phased parking system. During the storm, parking allowed on one side of the street. After a grace period of a 12-24 hours, parking allowed on the opposite side. The result? Both sides of the street are plowed. No need (or excuse) for space saving, and no spaces get left unusable because someone left a car covered with snow in the same spot for a month.


Boston does have a "one side"

Boston does have a "one side" type of parking ban for when the snow is REALLY deep, but it hasn't been declared in like ten years. In odd years they would ban parking on the odd side of most streets, and in even years they would ban parking on the even side (or maybe it's the other way around I don't remember). Problem is that as the number of cars goes up, it gets harder and harder for so many people to find alternate parking when 50% of spaces are eliminated.

Rent a garage?

Yeah, where Nashua NH? If you were remotely familiar with Southie you would know there is not a garage to be had anywhere. I rent in an open air lot and I was on a waiting list for over 5 years, and I knew the owner. God knows how long the list is for Newbies.

It's a weird object to fetishize as a symbol of yuppiedom

One of my Southie acquaintances who lived his whole life in the same City Point house was a sheet-metal worker and commodore of one of the local yacht clubs. Dude wore boat shoes, and he was as far from being a goddamned yuppie as you can get. They became a mass-market shoe a few years ago when Sperry got more aggressive about expanding its market beyond boating people, and a bunch of competitors like Hilfiger started knocking them off. They are practical, but they're also worn by millions of people who have never been on a boat. Ivaska and his ilk just need to get out more.

Classics don't become dated

Boat shoes are perfect summer shoes. You can wear them with shorts or pants and w/o socks. Super versatile. They wear great and you can get them wet at the beach or in a rain storm.

I haven't done much boating but I've been wearing boat shoes forever.

Never heard about the Southie obsession but I thin you can manage to make them look undated as long as you're not wearing them with an Adidas track suit or a Barracuda jacket.

The people on Gates Street

The people on Gates Street love space savers. Sunday morning after the snowfall I dug out my car to go grocery shopping. I didn't put out a space saver because of the whole no snow emergency thing- when I came back 30 mins my spot was still there, but had a lovely yellow bucket as space saver there.

I really wish the city would have alternate side parking with real snow removal- this is getting old quickly.