Car turns turtle in the snow up in the Blue Hills

Car flips over in Milton

State Police report this car flipped over in the snow on Unquity Road this afternoon. Only minor injures, they report, adding the road had to be shut for a short time.



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I assume that the damaged part of the guard rail is not in the picture, because there must be a damaged section of guard rail somewhere.

Maybe Not

If the vehicle rolled over, it may not have left visible damage. That's how people go missing in more remote areas of the country and aren't found for a long time.

This is up the road from the

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This is up the road from the State Police barracks in the Blue Hills. All the roadways around here are at grade. It either rolled over, or smashed through the barrier. Given the picture, I assume it went over.


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..and to successfully clean the guardrail with a pole-vaulter-like trajectory, which is what you are suggesting, the car has to be traveling at a pretty good velocity before it loses contact with the ground.

I think that the guardrail damage is out of the picture to the left and behind the photographer.

Looks like an

old Honda Passport (or possibly its Isuzu Rodeo brethren).
A capable old-school SUV, but Unquity Road, which is a terrific drive in the dry, has likely got a bunch of icy patches up high, & still plenty easy to slide even with 4WD active.


My BIL, who lives in the Northeast Kingdom, said that some flinty old native once told him that 4WD is designed to get you that much further from help when you get stuck.

Looks like, in this case, it made it possible to get going that much faster when traction failed them.

Chutes, Ladders

I bike Unquity (not in the ice though). There are numerous breaks in the rail where it goes down to road level. I can see one of these Sports Utility Barges catching a wheel on the rail down low. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.