Car vandalized for being parked in Southie space; owner protests there wasn't a space saver there

Capt. John Greland at C-6 in South Boston tweets somebody got angry enough about finding somebody in "his" space on E. 6 Street near P Street yesterday, he vandalized the car.

Only he didn't stop there. To make sure the car owner realized why the entire driver's side of the car was now dented and scratched, he left a note on the windshield informing the owner of the punishment for violating Southie's unwritten code of winter parking, Greland reports.

Only problem, Greland adds: "Victim said no space saver in spot."



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The other day I saw someone take a cone from a parking space and toss it onto the sidewalk as they went by. My first thought was "man, whoever parks there is probably screwed". It's sad that this is what it has come to.


Right, however they're not

Right, however they're not yet banned. So whoever the anonymous 'hero' is who removed this space saver might want to go back to that space and leave a note on the car introducing himself to the poor sap who had the misfortune to have his car vandalized. The guy who vandalized the car is a dbag and a criminal. The guy who removed the space saver knowing that the next person who parked there would likely have his car vandalized is also a dbag and a coward unless he comes forward.


Not true at all

The guy who removed the space saver did nothing wrong. On the contrary, if everyone did what he did, then the whole space saver lunacy would die out that much sooner. The only dbag involved is the one who vandalized the car.


Maybe it's time....

How about no saving spaces ever?! How about shoveling a space and letting the neighbor park there. The city streets are for the people, not owned by them. And, his guy ought to be arrested for vandalism.



When the City stops allowing developers to create housing units without providing the proper amount of parking spaces. Until then saving parking spaces is the only way to go.


captain cone

If you do steal a spot, which this person probably didn't, but I have many times. Just use your phone and record all the cars in the area that night. The same people park on the st all the time and the person who saved a spot and was mad enough to do damage obviously lives there. If your car is vandalized go look through video, write down the plates and find the 1 missing over the period of a week and you have your man or woman. Revenge is a dish best served cold.


shame on you!

If you have a cone out yestetday than shame on you. Your the reason why this issue is out of control. And the fact that you vandalized a car in your UNEARNED SPOT, you are an embarrassment to yhe neighborhood! !


Give it up with the "earning"

Give it up with the "earning" already.

Who cares if you spent 20 minutes shoveling your car. It doesn't mean unfettered week long exclusive access to a shared area. The shoveling is just a formality. It's a gold-rush era land grab.




If the cops are worth the powder to blow 'em up, they should be interviewing everyone in the neighborhood to find out what they know. Shake a few trees and see what kind of bad apples fall. Space saver or no, this is a crime, and the cops aren't worth their pay if they don't make a good effort to find the perpetrator. If the powers that be just shrug their sully shoulders and say, "Whuddya expect", that will completely and finally brand Boston as a bush-league town that tolerates lawbreaking for petty, selfish, spiteful reasons.


Yeah right

Don't expect bpd to look to hard into this one. Too busy working details on one of the 10 million holes that nstar is digging on summer street


i have an idea

let's disband the homicide unit, pull al, of the detectives and investigate the space saver related vandalisms...

seriously, you grade police on their ability to investigate vandalism?? please go back to the Herald

A simple solution to this

Green ticket the closest property to the space saver. If there is trash on the sidewalk in front of my house for an extended period of time or not bagged on trash day, my landlord risks getting a green ticket from the Code Enforcement Police, even if the trash is on City property. I can guarantee that if the City starts ticketing houses with space savers in front of them, the space savers will disappear immediately.


Parking would be a lot easier

Parking would be a lot easier in southie if the city actually did something about it. I don't live there, but I visit a friend and see the following issues;

  1. No parking enforcement for the "big offenses." Park in a handicap space or don't have a resident sticker? Yeah, you'll get a ticket, maybe even towed. But double parking? No problem
  2. The resident restriction is only M-F overnight. A lot of people park in southie that don't live there.
  3. A billion handicap zones. I'm sure that they were valid when they were put in, but you can drive around for twenty minutes and pass by 20 empty handicap spots. The city should take a look and see if the original requestor still lives in the area.
  4. Driveways. Not much can be done about this, but the driveways eat up a lot of parking real estate.
  5. Fire hydrants. Not much to do here either, but it seems like southie has more hydrants than other residential parts of the city.

Edit: Here's an example. If you head down E 6th towards H you have hydrant, driveway, driveway, handicap, handicap, hydrant. And that's just part of the block.


This is true, sorry...... My

This is true, sorry...... My friend on 7th has a 2 car garage and parks 3 additional cars in the yard, great use of the space. I bet that there are some residents who remove cars from the driveway to hold spaces for people who may be at work. Some people!

Um, okay

Driveways. Not much can be done about this, but the driveways eat up a lot of parking real estate.

So you gain one street parking spot, but lose at least one off street parking spot, and that person or persons will then need to park on street.

Makes sense.


What people are trying to say is

Driveways theoretically create spaces, not take them away.

I was looking at the paperwork for when the owners created our driveway (not in Southie). The rule was that the property owner had to show that they were creating parking. Hence, we ended up with a 2 car driveway with the loss of 1 street space.

Of course, older driveways along with illegal ones aren't governed by this.

I agree. In theory they would

I agree. In theory they would create more spaces. In practice? Well, you mentioned some drawbacks. Others include the fact that "anyone" can use the street spot while a driveway is for the homeowner renter, more spaces means usually means more cars (for better or worse), and nothing prevents the homeowner/renter from getting a resident spot anyways.

Like I said, though, the city shouldn't be taking away driveways. It's just one of the many reasons that street parking is so tight there.

There is

There is a guy on e 5th who recently had a a curb leveled so that he could create a new driveway on into his property. The problem is now he parks one of his cars in the driveway and his other car on the street in front of the driveway, thereby creating two spots all for himself.


You mean blocking his own driveway and potentially freeing up a spot on the street? As long as he isn't blocking the sidewalk I'd be thrilled! Not mad at him for having 2 whole spots! (Pouty face, arms crossed)


The problem with space savers

The problem with space savers and the rules the city observes regarding them is that there isn't complete and absolute enforcement of the 48 hour snow emergency rule. If DPW or whomever removes space savers on one street, either on their own, or by request, who is to necessarily say (or know) that the city did it, rather than someone "stealing" a saved spot?

Lazy, selfish, inconsiderate neighbors...

Once again my biggest issue with this problem are those who save spots without actually shoveling anything. Why is it that 2 days after a snowfall there are still snow banks lined up the entire street? It makes it almost impossible to get into an open or saved spot because very few people actually shovel. Those selfish space saving losers aren't saving a spot because they worked hard to clear the snow. They simply just don't care about the neighborhood and neighbors. I watch the people saving spots from my window. They're generally the older 40 something residents not the so called "yuppies". Those same people who feel they're entitled because this Is "their neighborhood" should be the ones following the rules put in place to better accommodate their neighborhood. In fact they shouldn't be angry when someone removes their cone/stool/fan/box/stroller or whatever garbage they use, they should be angry when someone is still saving a spot a week after a snowfall. If anyone, leave a message for those cars. There's a piece of $hit brown truck and a big old blue Mercury Grand Marquis who's "owned" the same spots on my street (east 4th near O) for about a month now. I shouldn't have to confront someone to let them know they're wrong and acting like an @sshole for saving a spot. Why is it that there aren't parking issues during the summer? You might have to circle the block a few times but there are generally enough parking spots for everyone. The snow isn't the problem, it's the people and their selfish attitudes.

Sincerely, the guy moving all of the cones.


Not an issue in the summer

Why is it that there aren't parking issues during the summer? You might have to circle the block a few times but there are generally enough parking spots for everyone.

That depends entirely on the neighborhood. In the downtown neighborhoods, there is basically no parking available after 5PM, no matter how many times hou circle the block.

Parking spaces for rent

I think we should have a vote to allow the city to rent street parking spots for about $250 per month. You know the same people who are saving parking spots would vote against that. Their argument would be that they're public parking spots for the residents and shouldn't be individually owned. Which is exactly the way it is now. It's property of the city and available for all of the residents first come first serve.


What a malicious jerk!

Anybody who vandalizes somebody else's car because the person who parked in "his" or "her" space deserves to be fined and to spend some time in the slammer. That's malicious and wonton destruction of somebody else's property, which he had no right to do. The vandal needs to realize that nobody owns those streets, because they're public streets that everybody's taxes, including his own, go toward the maintenance and upkeep of.

The city should do a better job of snow removal after a snowfall

The city of Boston should do a better job of snow removal after a great big snowstorm, for one thing. People pitching in and shoveling out their own spaces after a snowstorm would also help alleviate a hot-button situation, as well. Those two solutions might not necessarily be an end in themselves, but they'd be a huge step in the right direction, and maybe, hopefully, people wouldn't feel the need to engage in the stupid practice of putting space-savers in "their" parking spaces in the first place. This doesn't just go for Southie, but for the whole city at large, from what I understand.


I've never been more sure that moving out of state next week is the right idea.

Southie, I hope your entire neighborhood and its asinine "traditions" get paved over and turned into the world's largest Starbucks.