Carvalho to replace Henriquez, at least until this fall

The Dorchester Reporter provides the results for the special election to replace Carlos Henriquez in the 5th Suffolk district. Evandro Carvalho will have to defend his seat in the fall elections.



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Good representative for the district

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Carvalho looks like a good rep for that district. A former prosecutor. It's about time a Cape Verdean was elected, might change some of the community in a positive direction.

Neighborhoods?... , Subneighborhoods?...

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a) What are the names of the neighborhoods and what are the names of the subneighborhoods included in Wards, Precincts of 5th Suffolk Representative District?

b) Originally, in what year was the 5th Suffolk Representative District legislated and c) last amended?...


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You're assuming Don actually wants information vs. attention.

It's the quest for information versus information

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Actually getting the information ruins his day.

I'm still trying to figure out what his deal with the Leverett Connector is. His question could be applied to any road. The Tobin Bridge? Alewife Brook Parkway? I-84? Why would someone use these? Someday he'll explain it. Oh, who am I kidding, the best we can ask for is that it goes away.


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Congrats to Mr. Carvalho