Casino wars: Everett group declares Revere voters a buncha losahs with a broken down glue factory of a casino plan

Alrighty then, just got a press release from Wynn, the people who want to build a casino in Everett, about this week's vote in Revere in favor of a Suffolk Downs casino. It reads in part:

Revere voters opt for mediocre three-star racino

“A casino next to a decrepit race track is no match for Wynn Resorts’ proven track record of superior quality, service and luxury that is beyond compare,” Paul Dobbins of Everett said on behalf of Everett United/A Wynn For All. “Wynn is an international luxury brand with a track record to prove it.”

Further proving Wynn's clear superiority, the press release is technically from some group that is not at all a fake-grassroots group ginned up by Wynn called Everett United/A Wynn For All, which leaves one to wonder what Revere has? Revere United/Mohegan Sun for All the Fun?

The decision which city gets the one eastern-Massachusetts casino now goes before the state gaming commission.



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Too bad the voters in Revere

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didn't when they fell for the free moneymitigation ca$h con game and expressed support for this no-win (no pun intended) scheme.


I want a room overlooking the LNG gas tanks....on second thought the Tobin over the Chelsea salt pile.


I hate the Wynn Hotel. It's poorly laid out, it's gaudy and the front desk is impossible to find! Give me the Bellagio any day!

I briefly lived in Everett

I briefly lived in Everett and got a ton of mail from those Everett United In Servitude To Wynn folks. Corporate America does not think highly of our critical thinking skills, it appears.

Maybe the plan could do some good, but it's not like Everett's economy is decrepit. It's a nice town, though short in opportunity for the already-wealthy moochers who want a casino to grift from.

Of course, Everett is also short in opportunity for intelligent young people, and the money would be much better used in the school system. This fact so uncontroversial that no important politician will ever mention it.

You want to give the Everett schools more money?

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Where would you like it to go - more and bigger homecoming parades or the School Official's Private Home Upkeep Fund.

With the current band of corrupt townie clowns in that hellhole, it won't go to actual education.

The Revere Casino site...

By on in a profoundly stupid location, traffic wise. Not that Everett is any better.

I was over at Belle Isle Marsh scooping video/photo content and could readily see a strained local road grid consisting of Bennington Street and 1A

The City of Boston is totally justified in seeking a mitigation judgement as the proposed speculative mess is on top of its northern border.

Really, they should site it at the Taunton/ Raynham dog track or something.

Or better yet, get over these infantile sugar plum fantasies of something for nothing and keep our Chump Tax revenue simple.

It isn't like new cohorts of gamblers will magically rise up. It will be all about beggaring neighbors who were early adopters of Stoopid Glitz or shifting the Chump Payment portal from easy paper things like scratch tickets to huge cumbersome things like casinos.

I wonder how you retrofit a casino after it goes tits up through graft fueled miscalculations and wishful thinking?

Put it in Southie

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I just conducted a feasability study in the 7 11 on Broadway, standing behind some poor soul emptying his pockets to the tune of about $250 on lottery quickpics. The clerk told me that it was nothing compared to what he sees on payday. Traffic couldn't get any worse there anyway.