Causeway Street pizza place blames Canada for incident that will shut it for one day

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday ordered a one-day license suspension for Halftime Pizza, 115 Causeway St., for an incident before a Bruins/Canadiens playoff game in which a customer walked out with a partially filled cup of beer - just as a detective from the Boston Police licensing division was walking in.

Owner Rita Pasquale said the man was a Canadiens fan who was probably unaware that, unlike in his country, here in Boston, you can't just walk around outside with an open cup of beer. "I don't think they know better," she said of Canadians at a hearing on Tuesday on the citation she got for "patron leaving premise with alcohol, drinking outside on public sidewalk" and for "failure to supervise entry/exit" on May 10.

She added that her regular pre-game doorman, an experienced, beefy 6'4" guy whom nobody would give any guff to, was off to attend a wedding and that the skinny new guy she told to watch the door just wasn't the right choice for such a critical position on such a busy evening.

At the hearing, board members praised Pasquale for her honesty.



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Halftime Pizza

I think you mean Halftime Pizza. Known by many for this during the 2004 DNC:

A 24-foot-long ''Go Bush" banner hanging on a pizza shop across from the FleetCenter has drawn plenty of attention amid preparations for the Democratic National Convention this week. But yesterday, a city inspector stopped by and slapped Halftime Pizza with a citation for hanging an unlicensed banner.

The 4-foot high sign reads, ''Say DNC Thanks for Nothing! Go Bush."

Mark F. Pasquale, a North End native who owns the shop, said he suspects the message was connected to the city's action.

''I'm a Bush guy," Pasquale said. ''I guess they don't like the way the sign looks."

Pasquale received a citation for a license permit violation and an egress citation for hanging the sign on a door that is gated, said Bev Ford, a spokeswoman for Boston police. But she said that about a dozen other establishments were also cited for not having proper permits for banners.

Yes, Halftime

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Thanks for the correction. The Halfway Cafe is one of the kidlet's favorite restaurants, but it's in Dedham and has nothing at all to do with this, but, well, when you're paying half attention to the police scanner, things like this can happen.

That's why

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in my circle of friends, we call it Republican Pizza, and stopped going there.


If my restaurant habits were

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If my restaurant habits were linked to my political beliefs, I would starve in Boston.

OTOH, I guess you do just fine around here!

BTW, in case you're counting: I "liked" your comment by accident.


The point was...

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I usually don't know the politics of the restaurants I eat at. But the whole point here was the huge Bush sign on the side of the building. If someone is going to publically proclaim their support for a lying war monger and war criminal (the economic collapse hadn't happened at that time), of course I wouldn't eat there. The owner who put up the sign was obviously a moron as was anyone who supported Bush.
Plus their pizza was mediocre at best, you had to wait with your pizza in hand for a seat before a game and they always yelled "no line in the back" about the second serving counter, but that usually turned out to be a lie .


Lying war monger?

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So I assume you dislike Obama,too? Because he is as much a lying war monger as Bush. So isn't Hillary.

I personally dislike them all. But I'm not a shill for the two approved and sanctioned political parties in the U.S.

So "isn't" Hillary?

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So you think Hilary isn't a war monger. That's what your incorrect use of the English language actually says. For some reason "so isn't" seems to be a popular Massachusettsism and has been since I was a kid.
You are right about Obama and Bush both being warmongers. However Bush was much much worse and responsible for many more deaths and injuries, and lied much more than Obama about his motives and goals for war.

Wow. Just, wow.

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Aren't you the perfect one. Please accept my sincere apologies, it of course should read 'So IS Hillary.

If you spend any time in England, you'd have a nervous breakdown with the 'bad' English (including grammar) that's commonplace.

The anon immediately above is

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The anon immediately above is one whose comment I support.

The other anon who whined about "isn't" is just writing like a turd.

Now would both of you kindly register on UH so we non-anons can easily tell you apart in future posts?

Reminds me of what unions do

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Regarding Matthew's comment: That approach reminds me of what unions do with almost every statement they make. First-rate blaming machines.

What do unions have to do

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What do unions have to do with any of this? We get it, you're a conservative.


It was obviously off-topic,

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It was obviously off-topic, but that's how threads roll, isnt it? And anti-union doesnt necessarily translate to conservative. And is it even antiunion to point out a huge and obvious part of their tactics?

The saddest thing is

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Matthew made a good one, but you are too thick to get the reference. (see video below)

I'm a union guy, and in addition to those beady eyed Canadians, I blame that bitch Anne Murray. You know, she didn't even write Snowbirds.


I'm surprised the entire

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I'm surprised the entire meeting didn't come to a halt after all board member's heads simultaneously blew up upon learning that Montreal allows adults to drink outside and has yet to descend into total chaos. I mean, they treat adults like adults up there, and Beyond Thunderdome hasn't broken out?!


Not true

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It all depends on what province and/or city that you are in.

Just like the drinking age is 19 or 18, varying by province.

Note that 21 in the US is matched only by Arab countries.


Ah yes, true. I grew up in

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Ah yes, true. I grew up in Ontario and often forget that things are more lax in Quebec. Still, I'm pretty sure you can't just take booze out of a bar.

Well the French fry

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Wasn't probably used to PC Mass, in Montreal their not as anal about beer drinking in public.


HalfTime is a half-assed operation

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I don't begrudge them their politics but i worked in the garden during DNC. halftime's big beef then was being in within the security cordon.

I've also been a patron (non-DNC, and mostly out of necessity or laziness) where I've seen them serve/not serve beer and food on whims. Basically trying to groom their clientile on the fly.

I never saw any discriminaton along race or other lines but they weren't serving everyone freely.

fuck em.