Central Square snow shoveler is hard core

Meredith captured a snow shoveler hard at work in Central Square this afternoon.



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Sorta right

But it's not thickening of the blood. If that happens, well Mark, you got a major problem.

Blood pressure goes up because of a physiological response of blood moving away from the extremities and capillaries. Same volume of blood in a smaller space equals higher blood pressure.

That said, I’m sure vigorous exercise tends to postpone the effect since you need to get rid of excessive heat. A guy of this size and padding is probably good as long as he keeps his activity level up.

Just not a good idea to start when already cold.


Not really

Not really - for one thing, the snow is currently very light and fluffy, and not at all deep, as is obvious from the photo. Also, that shovel is clearly designed to just shove the snow into piles - one would be very hard put to lift a shovelful of snow with that handle design, and it's lifting over-heavy shovels full of snow that puts one most at risk of a heart attack or back injury.


History for you

That section of Mass Ave got probably the first "road diet" in Massachusetts, narrowing the road from 4 lanes to 2 plus the occasional turn lane. It was an anti-transportation move by the city and predated bike lanes, hence making the area too narrow for safe biking and one of the most dangerous for cycling in the state. Walking is what humanity had prior to the development of transportation (horse-drawn or motorized), thus the move was anti-transportation.

Nobody cares, Marrkkkkkk

Those sidewalks are wide because the local businesses thrive on foot traffic. Also, because the people who live there, work there, and shop and recreate there WANTED THEM THAT WAY.

If you don't like it DON'T DRIVE THERE. If you can't seem to drive a straight line in your own lane DON'T DRIVE.

Nobody gives a shit about your ability to drive through an area as if it were a freeway and feeel the g-forces ... Please use I-93 if you want lane miles.


Why do I get the feeling that someday

there will be a small fire at Markkk's house. Not too bad a fire, but more than likely it will happen when Markkk is at work and when the cops and fire people get there, they will be shocked to find dozens of bicycles chained up in his basement. Some bearing the scars of years of torture.

Cambridge wanted to inflict high-rises too

What the road narrowing mostly did was gentrify the area, forcing out people of color from the neighborhood. Yay for progressive Cambridge! Gone are lots of Indian restaurants, replaced by bars and a Starbucks. Oh, and after the sidewalk widening, its still a state hotspot for pedestrian accidents. So much for road narrowing making anything safer there. Fail. I do avoid visiting or spending any money in Cambridge - so many other places have what I want and need at lower cost, less hassle, and less attitude.

A longtime character

I knew this guy 40 years ago when we both volunteered at the MIT radio station. He was a character then and I guess he still is today. And a few years ago I saw another photo of him in the local newspaper, shoveling snow at the same location (in front of the Middle East), looking exactly the same as this picture. I'll omit his name to protect the innocent...


It's Mad Dog!

I have no idea of his real name, but his nome de plume at another event where he volunteers is "Mad Dog". Got to give it to him - weather proves no obstacle.



Yes, this photo is current. But the Cambridge Chronicle ran another photo of my friend, in exactly the same attire, pose, and location, many years ago. He's a sweet guy, actually quite intelligent, wouldn't hurt a flea, but loves to shock others by doing unusual things.