Chain shuts Fenway pizza place, but might add pizza truck

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the demise of Sal's on Brookline Avenue.



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No Tears

Sal's Pizza was about as generic and bland as they come. Not horrible but nothing worth seeking out. Not nearly enough sauce and cheese and the crust was flavorless. The best thing about them was the size of the slices if you were hungry.

I wish the employees luck finding work elsewhere.


But there really isn't much left over there for a cheap, quick takeout bite now. Basically Panera, BK, and the gas station Dunkin are left. The D'Angelo's on the point across from the Landmark closed recently as well. Can't wait to see what much needed luxury condos or innovative restaurant from the latest chef everyone pretends to have heard of goes there!

The D'Angelo's is gone now

The D'Angelo's is gone now too? That's a shame, they had remnants of the old orange and green design.

If you're hungry in that area it's more worth it to stroll down to Mission Hill for Marty-approved Penguin Pizza. Actually there's little excuse not to go to Penguin for any occaision.


closed at the end of May I believe. Everything about that location screamed 1998 fast food joint, but it was a decent sub nonetheless.

Penguin is great and definitely worth the trip, but I was strictly speaking to the "quick" aspect. My GF lives over near the landmark, and anytime we're in a rush or just want to grab a quick meal within a 5 min walk, it seems like our options are dwindling more and more.

More like 1988

That place sustained me for a few years, circa 1993-96, when I was practicing 2-4 nights a week in the rehearsal complex next door. The decor looked dated even then, and I'm not sure it ever got renovated. Kind of sad to hear it's closed, although I probably haven't eaten there in at least 15 years.

Apropos of nothing, I love this line from the D'Angelo's wikipedia page (emphasis mine):

Although making no claims to originality in the concept, D'Angelo's established itself as a purveyor of steak and cheese sandwiches endemic to the Northeastern United States.

You could go one block over

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You could go one block over to all the independent small restaurants on Peterborough Street for awesome takeout!

Peterborough Street A+++++

Peterborough Street is one of those awesome places that Boston is seriously lacking -- a strip with 1/2 dozen independent and unique take out places. Maybe because it's somewhat hidden it tends to be avoided by tourists and sox fans so most of the people there are locals to the neighborhood. A few years ago the whole block burned to the ground. I think everyone just expected it to turn into condos but after several years of nothing happening they rebuilt it exactly as it was. The owner must be pissed he didn't wait a year or he could have caught onto the building boom happening a block away.

The big question is if the cheap independent vibe will stick around when a thousand new $0.5-1M condos open up a block away.

The Wegmans will also be good for someone looking for quick take out assuming the crowds aren't too thick.

Sounds like it's worth the

Sounds like it's worth the walk over.

Don't even get me started on Wegman's though. As a native Upstate New Yorker, I'm still pretty pissed that Chestnut Hill doesn't have true Wegman's Subs, and if space for ovens was an issue there, I doubt Fenway will have them either. It sounds overblown, but it'd be like Harpoon opening another beer hall sans pretzels.

Probably Sacrilege

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But I'm not impressed with Wegman's. Large (in a good way), but overly crowded and prices akin to Whole Foods.

And yes, I've given it more than one shot.

I always forget about Chipotle

Never been a fan, and usually end up feeling terrible after eating it, but for the masses, valid point.

IMO, as far as assembly line burritos go:

1. Moe's (which sadly we don't have)
2. Boloco
3. Qdoba
4. Chipotle

Again With The Peterborough

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Again to push you over two blocks to the restaurant row on Peterborough...
El Pelon is one of the better Mexican restaurant/take out places in the city.

"Assembly Line"

Was the key phrase there though, maybe I should have said "chain?" Thankfully, I don't have to leave my own neighborhood for the best Mexican food in the city. But will definitely check this area out.

Sal's Quality

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Sal's has a large variation in quality depending on which location you go to.


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I guess I'm the only person who loved this place!

Their slices were huge, the crust was fresh and it was actually a deal! A huge slice (two slices anywhere else) & soda were around $5.50.

I think the bigger question here is that we're beginning to see the problems of having one landlord (Samuels & Company) control basically the entire Fenway neighborhood. Goodbye local restaurants and welcome crappy, overpriced places like Yard House!

Yeah the old landlords were

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Yeah the old landlords were great! The poorly maintained parking lots for suburban Redsox fans, gas stations, and auto-service centers owned by those landlords sure were great amenities to the locals.

Van Ness Phase 2

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Are you sure? According to the BRA website, 132 Brookline Ave is the location of the second phase of the building going up behind it on Boylston St