Changing of the guard at Engine 30 in West Roxbury

Then and now: Engine 30 on Centre Street in West Roxbury

In October, 1921, Leslie Jones traveled down to West Roxbury to witness the end of an era: The replacement of the horses that had long pulled Engine 30's fire apparatus with one of those newfangled motorized vehicles.

Nine decades later, the firehouse is still in use and is still home to Engine 30 (along with Ladder 25).

Photo from the BPL Leslie Jones collection used under this Creative Common license.



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This before and after is really evocative and matches perfectly besides visually telling the story of the change from horses to motors. Thanks.

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They are a ball

..and Adam is having fun.

The best way to remedy distaste for such is to just go run a blog that eschews any attempts at playfulness to serve up something breathtakingly dour.

It's sure to go viral.

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I like them

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I like the then and now photo collages. Keep them coming.
Some people can be joyless farts.

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…I actually really like them!

Maybe if UHub had some sort of standard post-naming convention for them, it would help those who don't want to see them skip them more easily. But they are already tagged as "Then and Now", so maybe that could also help you avoid them?

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Here's a better idea

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Stop looking at and commenting on them.

I think they're great. Even better than the ones the Globe did way back when, as it is in fact two photos mashed up.

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They're wicked awesome! Keep them coming please. They're fun and interesting!

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Most interesting aspect

Many firehouse rehabs have included making taller doors to accommodate ever higher ladder and engine trucks. This usually is done by lowering the floor. In this photo, it looks like the floor was raised between then and now (less granite building base exposed). In many places cobblestone and/or concrete roadways have rail tracks are decommissioned by just overlaying them with asphalt, thus increasing the road height. So water didn't drain from the road into the firehouse, the floor level looks to have been raised.

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Best Yet

Some things change, others don't, new purposes and uses are accommodated.

Nice work, Adam!

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Fun photo that reminds us of

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Fun photo that reminds us of a different time. Good use of software that is out there.

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