Chelsea will never be the same: King Arthur's Lounge shut down

The Chelsea Record reports on the apparent demise of the infamous bar, for which the term "bucket of blood" could have been invented.



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        Bucket O' Blood?

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        My vote for the dictionary entry for that term is Whitey's old place, Triple O's.

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        That place made the Bada Bing! look like

        Dallas's The Men's Club. You didn't want to drink anything but beer straight from the bottle, and you felt sure a Mob hit could go down in there at any moment. A truly grim, scary shithole.

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        Only exceeded by "Louies" and "the Cardinals Nest"

        The fracas between rogue Everett cops and old guys was a thing of legend.

        These were major places for court holding by the old Nicky Femia crowd, the Trampers and aging Patriarca affiliates.

        Aaaah old Boston..

        What ever became of the Squire?

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        Ah, The Squire: that one occupies an even lower circle

        of Hell than King Arthur's. It came up in Whitey's trial last year when John Martorano recounted whacking the Squire's owner, an alleged FBI rat, at Bulger's behest.

        I understand it has been sold to the same folks that own the Golden Banana, and cleaned up and classed up, as much as that can be said about any Massachusetts strip club. Presumably that means fewer dancers with meth mouth, prison tats and C-section scars.

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        I found those places to be ever more depressing as I aged.

        By my 40s they were nearly sob inducing. Not because of the unattainable dancers, but because they are just wretched.

        Washington state has strange rules and minimal mob presence.

        There, depressing morphs into comic grotesquerie.

        I ended up at one such place in Bremerton, a kind of body shop for destroyers and other naval things.

        You aren't allowed to sell booze, dancers can't come closer than some tape measured point, you can't tip them except for in house literal wooden nickles and they were either Elvira clone giantesses that looked like they escaped from a Kiss album cover or had the other attributes you described

        I just stared at the ceiling the whole time, (friends wanted to go), to get a sense of the joist layout and one of the Elvira imitators would yell... "Hey!!! ...Look at my tits!!! .. and similar exhortations while local bikers mainly worked the pool table.

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        East Boston, Chelsea and Revere.

        Louies and the Cardinals Nest were never strip joints.

        They were just very scary places.

        "Step in the Nest and hope for the best"

        The younger mob soldiers of the period would mingle with the more vicious bike gangs.

        It had a lot to do with cocaine, I seem to recall.

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        Mortgage foreclosure, too

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        Last Sunday's Globe and Herald both csrried advertisements for a mortgage foreclosure auction, "Tuesday, July 8, 2014, at 10:00 am, on the premises, 200 Beachum [sic] Street, Chelsea, MA, 25,000 Square Foot Commercial Building, Most recently used as an adult entertainment establishment". The auctioneer's website [] doesn't allow searching for past auctions so I don't know if the auction happened as scheduled or if it was cancelled. I'm surprised that the Chelsea Record didn't pick up on this for their story.

        Years ago I made the mistake of taking the "shortcut" through Chelsea at 3:00 am, after meeting a relative at Logan (after a seriously delayed flight). The ladies of the night were proudly displaying their wares right on the street in front of King Arthur's. We figured their primary customer base was the truck drivers who were all arriving at the Produce Market at that hour, having completed their transcontinental trips.

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