Chet Curtis, local TV news icon, dies

Legendary anchor Chet Curtis dies at 74

WCVB reports on his death at 74 from pancreatic cancer.



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Wait!!! Did this just happened? I swear I heard he died a while back, did I dream it?

Yes you did dream it. Who

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Yes you did dream it. Who could forget Nat's pregnancy? We'd turn on the news just to watch Chet and Natalie, and they were very good at what they did. Those days are long gone where you'd actually have intelligent anchor people. They were a great team and both went on to successful careers after Channel 5 and after their divorce. Speaking of which, how heartbreaking was that for all of us? Really, the 6 o'clock news was like Days of Our Lives.

RIP Chet Curtis, I am reminded how much I miss you each time I attempt to watch the local news (Jack Williams is the exception).