Chinatown loses conveyor-belt sushi place

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Enzo Sushi on Kneeland Street has shut down its conveyor belt for the last time.



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This is really too bad

That location has presented a lot of difficulties for renters. It's on the very edge of the area and most foot traffic is just passing through. It seems like Yelp may have been really toxic for them as well.

Sad but not surprised

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We went there for the first time during the December snowstorm. Our group was one of the only tables there at peak Friday dining hour. Snowstorm or not, it was clear that they were struggling.

The location was tough, but the space was far too big to keep it anywhere near full. Plus the sushi wasn't anything special in a town with lots of great sushi, the service was friendly but unprofessional, and even their wine and beer list was uninspiring.

I liked the concept but they didn't execute it well.

Doomed from the start

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I Live in the neighborhood I walk by the place everyday, at all times never seen more than 5-6 people in there
at once I could surely see this coming from day one.

They're not closing...

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They're not closing, just renovating again. My friend works there and said they're just changing a few things around and will reopen in two months.