A citizen complains and the city complains right back

Truck being towed

A concerned citizen complained about this truck being towed on Commercial Street in the North End:


The city marks the complaint "closed," then adds:

Were do you draw the line. do we allow vehicles to park on hydrants because there's no fire. vehicle illegally parked.

Ed. note: Iron Mountain? Don't they just service businesses?



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Boston wins.

The concerned citizen needs spell check, and the city needs grammar check, but I'd still score this one for the forces of law and order. "Were" DO we draw the line? :-)

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Ever get the feeling whomever

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Ever get the feeling whomever is responding for the city is doing it from a smartphone in JJ Foley's after an afternoon of shots?

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WHOever is responding. "Who"

WHOever is responding. "Who" is the subject of this phrase. "The Mayor responded to whomever left this complaint." but, "Bob Connelly, who responded to complaint, cannot write very well."

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in re: Iron Mountain

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Iron Mountain mostly serves businesses, but does data storage & records management for anyone who hires them-- government agencies, defunct medical offices, and so on. If you happen to be insanely wealthy and own, say, the worlds largest collection of Victorian pornography that you need to have maintained & stored in an archives-quality facility, Iron Mountain can probably help you.

Iron Mountain serves the important purpose locally of making sure Simmons MLS students have temp work.

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Not to mention

... the Iron Mountain trucks that were taking up a lot of street space near Mitt's office around the time of his presidential campaign.

This also has to be one of the more illiterate complaints in the bundle.

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Oh, snap!

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Citizens Connect's got some sass!

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Being towed

Or broken down? I would've assumed it was broken down, to be honest. Also, for what it's worth, there are 6 or 7 commercial parking spots within a stone's throw of that location.

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City isn't consistent on this though

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I've called about large delivery trucks blocking residential streets and have been told that facilities have to get their supplies, etc. Apparently they can only get them via large trucks blocking streets, not by the truck parking on a larger street and someone wheeling a dolly, or the supplies coming in a van that can pull over all the way.

The worst though was in Belmont, when I had an 18-wheeler stopped in the middle of the street blocking my car into a legal parallel spot, while the driver wheeled dozens of dolly loads in and out of Starbucks. A police officer was right there and wouldn't make the driver move his truck up 10 feet so I could get out. He wouldn't acknowledge that the truck stopping in the middle of the road was illegal when I asked him point-blank, telling me that "the guy is just doing his job, and there's no other place that truck will fit." I couldn't do mine and ended up cancelling my next business appointment since my car was pinned into a spot for 20 minutes by someone breaking the law, but that didn't seem to matter to him. If drivers routinely came back and said they couldn't make their delivery because laws were being enforced, I bet they'd switch over to using appropriate-sized vans to deliver to businesses without loading docks.

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Great Idea for extra vans for delivery I further propose--->

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This is a great idea. I further propose that the additional expense, of the multiple extra smaller vans, drivers, maint. of the vehicle, fuel tax, road tax, excise tax, sales tax, unemployment tax, federal unemployment tax, medicare tax, inspection sticker tax, DOT commercial vehicle inspection tax, income tax, the warrantless stopping by truck team that find things to ticket you for tax, mandated no fault insurance tax, social security tax should be divided amongst the people like you, who move to densely populated areas and then expect those of us who bring you stuff to magically get it there without actually driving to your streets, roads and spots formed originally by cow paths and horse trails. It's only fair that you write the check for the words that you say.

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Ticketing the vehicle makes

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Ticketing the vehicle makes money for the city. Towing the vehicle makes mone for Export Towing. I wonder how the parking people decide when to tow, and which towing company to call. It's common for towing companies to find ways to kick back "bonus rewards" to police and other people working dispatch.

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Resident Parking

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There is supposed to be a time limit as to how long a commercial vehicle can park in a resident space. We have "businesses" such as a nail salon, a dress shop , many of which are not in the North End), and most notoriously Otis and Ahern Realtors who do not register their cars in the North End but park in resident spaces for long periods of time. This is not an incentive for me to use them if I wish to either buy or sell a property in the North End.i have spoken to the parkers and have been blown off by them.

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