Citizen complaint of the day: Beer podcasters are the worst

An irate citizen complains about some neighbors on Charter Street in the North End:

Obnoxious 1st floor renters loudly taping beer rating podcast and making sexist jokes keeping folks awake, followed by marijuana smoke rising into our windows. Add to the list of problem north end properties. Absentee landlord...



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    Call 911 if it's a problem. Placing a Citizen's Connect complaint is fools errand.


    UHub podcast would be great

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    as long as the trolls in the comment section aren't included

    (you know who you are...)

    Here is what you should do.

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    I have making complaints against disrespectful neighbours down to a science!

    As the original SoBo Yuppie who cares deeply about his neighbourhood, I feel your pain. So here is "to do" list to help get rid of people that lower the quality of life in our great city:

    1. Call 911 from your cell phone

    I know this sounds ridiculous (I thought so too at frist) but this is what the Boston PD told me to do. Don't worry, you won't be tying up police resources. The 911 dispatcher prioritizes each call. So if the cops are told to be on the look out for an assault suspect, they aren't going to stop to come to a house party. Also, now there is a record of an issue at that more of these build up the community can start to pursue an eviction.

    2. Call 911 from your land line

    See the last sentence for 1. You need to build up reports at the problem address.

    3. Email your City of Boston Neighbourhood Liaison.

    Click this link and plug in your address:

    It will tell you who the liaison is. Click on the person's name and you can send them an email right from the web site.

    For the North End it is Nicole Leo.

    4. Email the City Councilor .

    Same steps as above.

    For the North End it is Salvatore LaMattina

    5. File a complaint on Citizens Connect.

    6. Contact all the community groups.

    Ask if they have seen or experience issues at that address. It will keep it in their minds and they will be more likely to file a complaint if they see any problems.

    There were two households near my place (1 full of frat boys and another full of townies on drugs). The community (yuppies and life long residents) banded together and got them out. It took a while but it did happen.

    Good luck.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie


    Did you talk to them?

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    Did you try just opening your window and asking them to quiet down? Could have been a group of friends enjoying themselves on a Friday night.

    You can just knock on my door next time. I'm a regular person like you who can have a regular conversation. Don't be a weirdo and write complaints online. Interact in the real world and you just might solve the issue. Look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood buddy!


    Or maybe realize you aren't

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    Or maybe realize you aren't in the suburbs or a college dorm anymore, and keep your voices down after a reasonable hour.


    Not everyone is boring

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    Because someone is not sleeping at 10pm on a Friday doesn't make them a college kid. It makes you boring and miserable. Have a little fun with your life.

    i find it very ironic you're

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    i find it very ironic you're trying to tell others they need to grow up yet your solution for a problem is being a passive aggressive non-confrontational tattle tale. maybe you need to realize you aren't on the schoolyard playground anymore

    Charter St. in the North End

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    Charter St. in the North End huh? Hmmmm...sounds like the middle of the suburbs where one should expect complete peace and quiet.

    Residential vs Commercial

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    Hmmmm...sounds like the middle of the suburbs where one should expect complete peace and quiet.

    I know this is hard for people who grew up in the burbs to understand but I will try anyway.

    Just because a street is within city limits doesn't mean you can act like you are on Landsdowne Street. There are, always have been and always will be....residential areas of the City.

    I sorta know why you can't understand this... most suburbanites are only familiar with the areas around Fenway and the Garden which are in commercial areas.


    On a related note, thank you Habs for ending the Bruins season. The last thing our City needed was another 2 weeks of meatheads from the burbs lowering the quality of life in our city.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie


    i know this is hard to

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    i know this is hard to understand, but the world doesn't operate around you. you decide to live in a city with hundreds of thousands of people so stop expecting strangers to give a fuck that you don't like the sounds of their voices.

    I actually lived on Charter

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    I actually lived on Charter street for 3 years and it was very quiet and respectful (except for the parades). It was not a neighborhood full of bars and restaurants where you would expect noise.

    It was quiet when I lived there because it was full of grown ups who knew that the things they did affected dozens if not hundreds of people. Making all the noise you want because "it's the city so deal" is a childish viewpoint that is supported only by other morons. Please move.


    idk why you think somebody

    idk why you think somebody has to be childish to be disrespectful or cause a problem. i would assume that roughly 99% of the worlds problems are, in fact, caused by adults

    This isn't exterior noise

    This is interior nuisance spreading within a building - smoke, reek, loud voices, etc. That can happen and is annoying no matter where you happen to be living.


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    They were outside actually if you read the complaint