Citizen complaint of the day: Darn colonists throwing tea in the harbor again

Tea in Boston Harbor

A concerned citizen of the realm complains:

Tea chest from Tea Party Museum washed up between Gillette and railroad tracks.



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    Enough is Enough

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    Close the Port of Boston and teach these rabble rousers a lesson.

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    Someone should inform the King! He will raise an army!



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    Where's the bomb squad?

    I mean, both the post office closing off the public walkway on one side of the channel for nebulous security reasons, and the Tea Party ship and their tourist trap reenactment are a nuisance.

    At least we could get some public entertainment out of all of this. Blow it up already! :)

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    Maybe the Tea Party activists

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    Maybe the Tea Party activists went to the museum and were angry there was no Obama birth certificate exhibit.

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    The hole in your theory is

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    The hole in your theory is Tea Party activists visiting a museum.

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    No, the hole is his

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    No, the hole is his correlation of Tea Party involvement and Birtherism. But you probably consider it a "Known Fact" that TP folks are racists.

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    No, I don't consider it.

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    No, I don't consider it. "Considering" implies there isn't overwhelming evidence backing it up.

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    Tea chests

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    Tea was shipped in wooden chests. This isn't a tea chest from England.

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