Citizen complaint of the day: Don't make me go all Lord Voldemort on you

Snow covered handicap ramp in East Boston

A perplexed citizen in East Boston wonders what sort of spell he needs to cast to get a handicap ramp uncovered:

Did you know there is a handicap ramp at the corner of Marion and White? I do. But this person doesn't because once snow covers it. It's like the ramp is a student at Hogwarts sneaking around in an invisibility cloak. After being told for many years signs aren't needed, just call 911, perhaps the City of Boston will give us wizards, muggles and half-bloods some respect and put the signs in. Even the cops say it would free them up to fight crime instead of dealing with this all the time. Don't make me go all Lord Voldemort on you. Put some signs up!



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Doesn't this concerned citizen know the rules?

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People with disabilities are supposed to stay home unless they beg for help from multiple people who are paid to help them!

God forbid they be made independent by municipal competence! They might all get jobs!

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Complain About The Property Owner Too

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I'm not impressed either with the crappy shoveling job done in front of that building either. Shoveling should be down to pavement and as wide as the sidewalk is.

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Complain to the CIty instead

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and call them out on their idiotic system whereby private property owners are deemed responsible for shoveling PUBLIC sidewalks. But I guess it's more important to keep the ISD bureauracy fully employed than it is to do something that actually serves the public good.

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ISD might help, unless the owner of the property has an in with them. That is our problem with a piece of property in Savin Hill

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City of boston should hire

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City of boston should hire teens to shovel , it's being done right now in Salem.

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