Citizen complaint of the day: Forward this to Felix

Felix Arroyo sign in East Boston

A weary citizen in Maverick Square sighs:

I know our vote on the casino didn't matter but I thought the election for mayor was settled? Can we get these taken down?

Ed. note: Over the past few weeks, Citizens Connect has gotten a scattering of complaints about another candidate with green signs, but the city always marks the cases closed because the signs are on private property.



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Open the loop a bit

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Closing the cases makes sense, since DPW isn't going to go out and take signs down off of private property. However, if Citizen's Connect is our connection to the city and Felix is a member of the current administration, maybe forwarding this complaint on to him so he can contact the relevant person would be the best thing to do rather than just say "sorry, not our problem".


Took the initiative

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I sent Felix a link to this UHub post via Twitter. Hopefully he sees it and does something about the sign.


Little Dougie for Sheriff Adam?

DigDug has a sign posted at the end of Hubbardston Street (the street which sits over the expressway across from Savin Hill Station). It is not private property. I don't know if it is city or state, probably city. I'm glad to see that the good people of Norfolk and Plymouth counties on the Expressway, especially a friend who is a guard at South Bay, can be assured that someone who apparently is running to be his boss has mastered basic spelling and letter formation.

Which Head Start program is doing his signs by the way?


Speaking of

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Saw Doug outside of the "Mondays with Marty" meeting in Brighton handing out cards with his logo on it and telling everyone he is running for sheriff. Had a good laugh and kept walking.


That's not fair

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The Head Start kids would do a much better job.


Felix is clearly going to run again

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He has the making of a life long hack in his blood. He's just trying to get a jump on everyone this time around.


Chinatown was dotted with

Chinatown was dotted with Menino campaign signs for years-- they may still be around, but I stopped noticing as their colors faded. But I do remember, about a year ago, noticing one again and thinking, "Just how long has it been since Menino had a campaign that actually required signs?"

The last time he ran for re-election

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Haven't you've ever seen the "printed by (insert name here) union" mark that appears on every campaign sign or poster.


Sign belongs to owner

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Unfortunately for the poor beleaguered viewer of this sign, its the owner of that buildings property, and he can as he has chosen to do here, keep it up for as long as he likes.

Not Felix's problem and its silly to assume its somehow his responsibility to personally take this down.