Citizen complaint of the day: The Globe Direct of pizza places

A disgusted citizen on Mission Hill complains:

Pizzatalia littering with menus on missionhill. dozens of menus were left on door steps for the wind to blow everywhere. when contacted second time in twp hours about rectifying situation, pizzatalia became abusive. please fine and educate businesses to advertise responsibly. i have cctv recording of the event if need for documentation




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You're special

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Don't you know this happens in every neighborhood in just as extreme matter. Elections are litter hurricanes. Stay low.

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Someone protests too much

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Look, they're pizza menus. Maybe the pizza place could have done a better job, but since when is it a crime for businesses to leave advertisements at residences.

To pick on what you allude to, Adam, Globe Directs, political flyers, restaurant menus, these are things that we are forced to confront as part of urban living. If you don't like these things, move to the country. Not near suburbs country, but rural Vermont country. Live on a large farm where visitors will have to go a half mile from the road to get to your house. While you're at it, make sure you don't have a phone, because someone might call you.

And who records their interactions with business on closed circuit television? Check that, who has closed circuit television in their residence? How is this person not the kind of person who goes looking for trouble? Just saying.

I know Citizens Connect is full of good complaints, like graffiti, potholes, and the like, and I know that only the oddest get onto this site, but still.

Disclosure- I neither live on Mission Hill nor work for any business that distributes flyers or menus. I do, however, have a drawer at home chocked full of menus. The telephone books are not kept in the same place, but that is a gripe for a different griping season.

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When I pass laws, that's when

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Maybe the pizza place could have done a better job, but since when is it a crime for businesses to leave advertisements at residences.

Maybe it should be. There's free speech and there's littering a whole street with no regard for anyone else. How about a compromise: If you want you advertise with crap you leave on doorsteps you can, but you have to come by two days later and pick up every one that's still visible.

Failing that, I'd settle for a rule that says it's not vandalism, battery, or even a civil rights violation if the rocks or bricks used on the advertiser, distributor, and the advertiser's place of business are padded with the aforementioned "free speech."

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In my area, Globe Direct remains tolerable

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because it's still sent by US Mail (sans the plastic bags). My latest beef is with Verizon, LA Fitness, Comcast, and other companies who hire firms to distribute this (&^#, but are too lazy to actually place the phone books on our stoops and the doorknob notices on the doorknobs. Instead, they just drop the phone books and/or promotional notices for both my unit and my neighbor's one (I live in a condex) on the ground in MY driveway instead.

Of course, we would be much better off as a society if the lawmakers would wake up and finally realize how wasteful this type of advertising is on so many levels, and take the appropriate steps to curb (no pun intended) such practices.

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