Citizen complaint of the day: Jesus, ouch!

Stupid grate in Jamaica Plain

An injured citizen complains about this metal cover on School Street in Jamaica Plain:

I was walking to work this morning and fell into this grate. I went to the emergency room and got some stitches. The grate was covered but not bolted so when I walked on top of it, I fell in. I did not place the top back on because I do not want a child to fall into it as I did this morning.



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    Thank you for sharing that.

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    Sorry that individual fell in. Hope the person heals quickly. I am generally suspicious of grates. My dog strives to avoid them. Between electrocuting grates and this example I now know that it's best to avoid them all together.

    Citizens connect is awesome.

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    Citizens connect is awesome.

    A few weeks back I noticed a small sink hole in the street on the way to the JFK T, around 6:30am. It was about a foot across, but looked to be about 1.5 feet deep, enough to damage a car or person.

    I snapped a photo, and put an entry into citizens connect.

    I went on my way, went to the gym, and I kid you not, by the time I was at work at 8:30am, I saw an update that they had fixed the hole.

    When I came home that evening, sure enough, it was all filled in and patched over.


    The cover could've been

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    The cover could've been rotated 180, to partially cover the hole until public works or police arrived to secure the hazard.

    It's easy for someone to be maimed or even killed with a hole like that. Fall and hit head hard on sidewalk, fall off bike into traffic, etc.

    Sorry the injured citizen was injured, and I hope they heal quickly and fully.

    $15 filing fee?

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    The city charges you $15 to file a claim because their negligence injured you? You should probably talk to a personal injury lawyer instead. They usually take cases on contingency (read: free).

    If these darned yuppies would

    If these darned yuppies would just get to know their neighbors instead of using Citizens Connect, we wouldn't have this sort of problem!

    Seriously, Adam, thanks for reminding us that Citizens Connect can be used to report actual dangerous problems.

    How much trouble would it be

    How much trouble would it be to just find the right kind of bolt, grab some tools, and come back and fix the thing, instead of wasting taxpayer dollars????????