Citizen complaint of the day: Man, what's the point of electing a guy from Dorchester as mayor?

Crashed car in Dorchester

The Walsh honeymoon is over for one irate Dorchester citizen, who files a report about an apparently abandoned car on Downer Avenue:

This car has been left here for more than two weeks. First posted 5 days ago, absolutely NO response by the City. Still sitting there. If this was in Beacon Hill that car would have been gone in half an hour. But this is Dorchester... I would have expected more attention to this neighborhood by the City now with Marty Walsh. Remove this or respond with the appropriate agency that I can report it to to get some action.



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      Multiple calls and posts..

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      about a handicapped spot that had snow plowed in to it, and it looks slightly smaller today


      the complainer doesn't know the difference between a car and a space saver.


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      Anyone else remember the guy from JP complaining that someone was saving a space with a car?

      I think it needs to be there

      I think it needs to be there longer than two weeks before it's considered an "abandoned vehicle."

      Related, what's up with bumpers in Dot? The SUV in the background has a busted rear bumper.

      I don't know. I still think

      I don't know. I still think it needs to be there for more than a month before the city will do anything about it.

      In my experience, abandoned cars were one of the few things the city dealt with efficiently.

      Actually, I read somewhere

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      Actually, I read somewhere that any car in obvious disrepair can be considered abandoned by the City of Boston after spending only 24 hours in the same spot, and can be tagged and eventually towed!

      Not true

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      The biggest towing scam in the city- towed for "safe keeping". Someone broke a window on my car when it was parked in the south end (legal spot) and it was towed within 4 hours for "safe keeping". So instead of just dealing with the hassle of a broken window I also had to find, retrieve, and pay for my car being towed. I'm still not convinced that it wasn't the towing company looking for business...

      Signs on the windshield?

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      What do those signs say? It's a new car, and the engine compartment was obviously sealed up to prevent further damage. If the sign is something along the lines of "waiting on insurance check so I can fix my car, please don't tow!" I don't think it's nearly as large an issue as an obviously abandoned POS with multiple flats.

      That's odd. It doesn't look

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      That's odd. It doesn't look like Downer Ave. If it is,the car is also facing the wrong way.