Citizen complaint of the day: Meter maids need to find another way to celebrate the end of the work week

A concerned citizen reports on an incident Friday evening on Washington Street in the South End:

Unprofessional conduct by BTD employee: at 7:45pm, female BTD exited BTD van ticketed car on Washington St whose meter just expired (15 min prior to end of enforcement) then did a ridiculous happy dance before getting back into van. As van drove by crowed outdoor restaurant (Toro) she hung out the window and yelled, "Everyone else is free tonight!" Was this some kind of competition? Either way, this behavior should be reprimanded.

The city replies the matter is now under investigation.



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The last thing any of us want is someone who is happy at work. She issued a ticket to a car at an expired meter. It's pretty obvious. You're either legally parked or you're not. As far as the little dance routine and the proclamation goes; so what? I wouldn't want that job.
"Lighten up, Francis.''

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Poor baby got a ticket for not paying up the meter.

Other people were paid through the end of enforcement, her shift was over, and she was done dealing with sour entitled assholes for the week.

Contrast this earned celebration with the time (in the old days, before they had to use those hand-held electronic printer devices) when I caught a meter reader dating tickets into the future by 15 minutes, on the assumption that IF you had a couple of minutes left, you weren't going to make it. I returned to my car with two minutes to spare at 11:59 and a ticket timed at 12:15! This was conveniently at lunch time. I fought the ticket and brought evidence that the meter reader was doing this (photo of tickets being written for other vehicles at unexpired meters with nearby clock in the background; photo of ticket).

That was unprofessional.

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The ticket was cleared, and I filled out an affidavit (with the photos) used to discipline the ticketing employee.

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"Reports confirm that the BTD

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"Reports confirm that the BTD employee was engaged in a celebratory dance upon learning that she will be leaving the eateries of the South End for the night, and thus will no longer be SURROUNDED by obnoxious snobby entitled self-absorbed rich people."

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The driver then double parked

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The driver then double parked in the Silver Line bus lane, because the busses don't really need them.

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I have got a lot of tickets ,

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I have got a lot of tickets , sometimes Big Ones , needs of the business , so sorry. If you treat these people with respect, they are usually reasonable, but they have a job to do. If one wants to goofball up , sock it to me.

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Oh, shush sir and

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continue eating your over priced paella.

Although it appears that she will be getting a talking to:

"Closed. Case Resolved. The supervisor will investigate this situation. i'm very sorry for this type of a situation. action will be taken."

I guess they don't have a sense of humor at the BTD either.

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A Meter maid is a tough job

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A Meter maid is a tough job not everyone can do it
I give her credit all the power to her to make
The best of it and dance and yell every night after your shift.

Ps life is to short to spend time complaining about
Something so small she was just doing her job!!!
You go girl ;)


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