Citizen complaint of the day: Not to jump to any conclusions, but these West Roxbury hopscotch boards are just wrong

Incorrect hopskotch board

This is just wrong.

A concerned citizen counts to ten before complaining about the two incorrect hopscotch boards at Draper Park, off Washington Street in West Roxbury. With a photo of a correct hopscotch setup at the Kilmer School.



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Its not that its 'incorrect', it just looks unfinished.

Its still usable and at least numbers are correct and in the right order!

not technically incorrect - but over-simplified to uselessness

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Can't see this challenging any kid older than 4 or 5 for more than a few seconds. On the other hand, complaining to the city is silly if you actually want it fixed before your kid is grown. The practical solution is obvious - a couple local parents should just get some masking tape, some outdoor paint, and paint a better one.

The same thing happened at my daughter's old school. They redid the playground, and mostly did a great job, but they painted in new hopscotch and foursquare fields that were too small. The kids adapted their foursquare game, but stopped playing with the hopscotch field.

That is not wrong

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The complainer is just from a different hopscotch denomination. Celebrate diversity!

Die Heretic!

Great Lakes Regional Hopscotch Council of 1879 or Great Lakes Regional Hopscotch Council of 1912?


Hopscotch Peoples Front of Judea here. Don't listen to those PHFoJ quacks.