Citizen complaint of the day: Parking entitlement spreads to West Roxbury

Space savers in West Roxbury

A concerned citizen reports from Manthorne Road in West Roxbury this afternoon:

Unnecessary "space savers"



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I know

But it isn't a part of Boston where my job is, nor one that I can see from my home.

Westie is actually 3-4 miles more distant from downtown than where I live. Boston is just an odd city that annexed everything west and some things to the south, but nothing to the North beyond Charlestown.

I don't condone this

But it maybe because of the entitled dog owners who park on the street and worse double park on centre to pick up their designer dogs from the grooming spot during rush hour.


Dog owners?

I would think the bigger issue there would be people like me trying to find a place to park to pick up some takeout. Wasn't there a move to get resident-only parking on those streets running off Centre?


Double parking

You come all the way to WR for takeout? Well, Himalaya is worth the trip. Manthorne went permit only last year. They didn't invite Redlands residents to the meetings. We would have pointed out that all the cars will just park on Redlands. Which I'm sure is why they didn't invite us.

But people who just leave their car in the street because they're too lazy to walk a block with their stupid sandwich/mutt? That's sad.


Double parking, no matter where it occurs, is even stupider.

Double parking, no matter where it occurs, is even stupider. It not only causes horrible bolttlenecked traffic back-ups, especially during the morning and late-afternoon/evening rush hours, but it makes it far more difficult for delivery trucks, and emergency vehicles (i. e. police, fire and ambulances), to get through to where they have to go. Haven't any lessons been learned from the untimely and ugly death of Caitlin Orr?


You're right

Key word "use." Don't know how you use thd Main Street during rush hour when some entitled asshole double parks to pick up their rat sized dog.


It's not just

the doggie day care. People double park all the time along that part of Centre St. to pick up their takeout from several area restaurants. Lazy, inconsiderate schmucks.


Yup, remember that

A friend of mine had a place on Manthorne in the late 80's, early 90's. That was the first time I saw someone put cones in front of their house - all year. I asked my bud about it, he just shook his head and mumbled something about an old guy that had lived there forever and everybody just said nothing. My friend didn't really care, he had a driveway, but you could tell the old guy's entitlement pissed people off.


Because liberals from out of state

Move to Boston and feel entitled. And said entitlements affords them the right to bash those who have been here for 100+ years. It's a leberal right, please don't question it.

We moved here with out Prius's, so please get out of the neighborhoods you grew up in. You're no longer needed.



Editor please keep up your invective writings regards South Boston. Snide remarks by you and your toadies keeps this board alive. BTW, the new Vertex headquarters w/1,200 jobs is located in South Boston. You got pizza problems in Roslindale.


Ya, so?

There's a classic book called 'Streetcar Suburbs." You might want to read it to find out how Roslindale developed the way it is. That Roslindale doesn't have giant industrial/office developments is not the insult you think it is. That really the best you can do?

Besides, we have the Pleasant Cafe - no pizza problems here.


You go to the Pleasant?

I would have though you stay far away from a place real Bostonians frequent. You know those horrible folks who happened to be born and raised in Boston, particularly those evil White one.

At night, I go around your neighborhood

Breaking into restaurants and licking all the silverware, and the thought that you'll be using them gives me great joy.

Yeah, I go the Pleasant. In fact, we have a little family tradition: On election day, we go there after we vote (oh, how that must burn you, that somebody like me gets to vote for mayor).

Went to Auntie Bee's so often our picture was one of the ones up on the wall before they all got torn down to make way for the Rox Diner. And I used to eat regularly at Sullivan's back when I was doing some work over at Columbia Point and it was nice out.

Shocking, I know. But I'm as real a Bostonian as you, sonny, so get used to it.


Does it occur to you

that a lot of us ARE in fact white Bostonians who were born and raised here? Which maybe makes us more sensitive and likely to be critical when white Bostonians who were born and raised here are acting like total d-bags? Just a thought.


I second that emotion, Sally

White woman here. Born in Dorchester. Spent most of my mid/older childhood in a suburb that borders Boston. Current resident of a city that borders Boston to the South. Frequent commenter on the hilarity of space savers (in all neighborhoods of Boston), sports teams and a myriad of other topics.

I didn't realize I was so offensive, my commentary so irrelevant and my very presence so unwelcome. Sorry.


Okay, I'll feed thr troll

Where has there been anything racist in Adam's postings about West Roxbury, South Boston, snow, parking, or anything else?

He covers the city, which has places with a lot of white people, places with a lot of black people, places with a lot of Hispanics and a lot of Asians along with places where it is racially diverse. People comment, and the comments could get nasty, mostly socioeconomic though (yuppie v townie, bicyclist v driver.)

I just posted my thing to make fun of those who live in a certain peninsula and are a bit sensitive when outsiders notice what is going on. Since Adam lives walking distance to West Roxbury, I figured that it would be cute. I also decided to say that he is from Roslindale, not West Roxbury, since people enjoy noting that he was born and raised in Brooklyn. Honestly, for a New Yorker he is not that pushy and boisterous, so I forget that from time to time.

You know, Adam, I am waiting to have you post a cone story closer to home, then I can claim you hate Roslindale. Maybe I'll talk to Dave Ivaska to see if I could have, say, 20 of his cones, then I'll put them in a row on Beech Street. Oh, it would be good. But Dave probably wouldn't appreciate the buffoonery of the whole thing.


Come on Mike, do it

Engage in my baffoonery.

To be honest, I am torn on the Firth Road cones. Most of the houses are multiple family, but parking isn't too bad, until baseball season rolls around. So, I don't want to get them in trouble, but it would forward my plan.

Oh, and by July, this would be an old issue. And by then the certain segment of Adam haters will have started their own new aggregating blog, SouthieHub. Will they still go to the Licensing Board and Zoning Board meetings like Adam does?

Anon (so many of you!)

many people who live in Boston are white folks who grew up in the city. But we don't want to take the city back to the days of Dapper O'Neil's sleazy sexism and racism, and entitled behavior. You might also try identifying yourself (or selves).


Has it occured to you

That you really aren't being picked on, but really are stupid, bigoted, and entitled and spoiled.

Of course your mother is dead - how else could you sit in the house that your parents worked so hard to pay for and maintain without a real job to support yourself, typing out garbage like you do?


Oh, it's just when your

Oh, it's just when your family moved here? Well, in that case, as my great^14-grandfather and his family arrived in 1632, I declare Adam to henceforth be "a local and Bostonian", in all situations and discussions. Shall any of greater antiquity gainsay me?


Oh boo freakin' hoo.

You didn't "win" Boston just because you got here first, OK? All I keep seeing here is a bunch of puff-chested fools from Southie and elsewhere whining because no one is respecting THEIR idiotic sense of entitlement to park like jerks, save spaces, double-park, etc. etc. because ohhhhhh--they were born here! It's TRADITION!!! For Pete's sake, grow up, people.


Selective reading

Do you miss the daily posts about the T melting down? About gang violence in rather non-white neighborhoods? And let's not forget the regular bike/car interaction posts?

Your reaction is just plain wrong, and your interpretation of Adam's posts says a lot more about you than about this site.


It's simple. If you don't

It's simple. If you don't like people saving spaces before snowstorms and double-parking, or if you're the person saving spaces before snowstorms and double-parking, then you are a liberal from out of state who doesn't like white people in either case. What's not to understand?


Space Savers Are Necessary Because of Disrespectful Neighbors

In a perfect world, residents would get to know others in the neighborhood and respect the spaces in front the houses with residents that need street parking. In West Roxbury, if you park in front of somebody else's home, you should know if the residents of that home typically park there. There is no shortage of spaces in West Roxbury (with few exceptions)...Some may have to park a few houses away before an available typically unused space is found, but that's the price you pay for not having a driveway or enough spaces in front of your own home.

Space savers are the product of the lack of respect and that "you don't own that space" mentality.

No, they don't "own that space", but if you live in a neighborhood, you should respect your neighbors, and the spaces in front of their houses. That said, if this space is in front of someone else's property, then there's an issue.


I think

It's a good time to maybe start leasing out city spaces in front of houses. Make the option apply to the first floor owner (if you can walk up a flight of stairs, you can walk a block to your car). They can "rent" the spot from the city for say $2k a year. Otherwise the spot is public and make resident stickers cost $100.

Parking shouldn't be free when it's in such demand and traffic is so bad. lets put in congestion pricing while were at it and funnel more money to public transportation.

Own That Space

Wait, so according to your logic people should only park in front of property they own/rent in?

By that logic only one to two cars should then be allowed for the 9+ people living in a three decker in Southie since that is all the room that exists in front of the building (less if there is a hydrant).

I am fine with such a law limiting automobile ownership in that part of the city. I don't mind draconian, centralized control.
Are you OK with that?


Space savers necessary? Not really.

It seems as if space-savers have caused far more trouble, friction, tension and hostility among neighbors and other people than they're worth. Space savers, imho, indicate a lack of respect for one's neighbors. It's one thing to have space savers for people who are permanently handicapped, and for people to save spaces who are temporarily laid up in some way or other and can't yet walk very far (i. e. the person recovering from an injury, a woman who'se 6-9 months pregnant, etc.), but when younger and/or perfectly able-bodied people are so lazy that they have to have a space right near their house and can't walk a little ways, it's really disgusting, imho.

Perhaps people should start petitioning the city to do a better job of plowing the streets right to the curb, on both sides, after a heavy winter storm! That, imho, would more than likely go a long way towards creating good-will and lessening friction, tension and hostility between neighbors in the wake of a winter storm.


That's a great idea!

We can find a storage space, gather up all these cones, and then put them out in areas where drivers just can't seem to pull their heads out long enough to see BIKE LANE on that narrow strip they keep driving on.


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