Citizen complaint of the day: The post-Easter Christmas tree of Brighton

Dead Christmas tree

A concerned citizen complains about a Christmas tree that is apparently just rolling around Union Street whenever the wind blows hard enough:

The Christmas tree has been up against the White House across the street for a few months now. Over the week it had moved to the sidewalk and is now blocking the handicap parking spot in front of my house. They should have been responsible for the proper disposal back in January. Now it is a hazard to the whole street.



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    Is everyone on the street

    Is everyone on the street handicapped? And, usually, people who ARE disabled in some way have worked out a support system to handle these types of incidents.

    Seriously? A four month old

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    Seriously? A four month old xmas tree probably weighs less than the phone used to take the picture and post it. Just pick it up and take it out of the freaking handicap spot. Criminey.

    Wild wild southie

    See them tumbling down
    Pledging their love to the ground
    Lonely but free I'll be found
    Drifting along with the tumbling tannenbaums.

    If we are to space save

    we all should promote green (or dead brown) space saving. This innovator may be the first documented reducer of the space saving carbon footprint in an environmentally friendly way.

    That end of Union St in

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    That end of Union St in Brighton is home to many malcontents who hate their neighbors. I drove past that tree the other day and laughed because it was on the sidewalk that had never been shoveled the whole winter. Wondered if the tree had been buried under a snow pile that finally melted and set the tree free.

    Citizens Cry-nect

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    Who complains about this stuff? Move the stupid tree.
    Wasting more city resources.