Citizen complaint of the day: Potchester

A doesn't-want-to-inhale resident complains about the smell of Downer Avenue:

Neighborhood reeks of marijuana. All the time. ALL. THE. TIME. It's gross.

H/t Welcome to Dot.



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    Back Bay can get like that

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    Back Bay can get like that too. Had my family over for a visit -- went for a walk and it smelled like putrid skunk spray. It's especially bad when it's hot and humid. So nasty.


    Uh, has anybody thought about

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    Uh, has anybody thought about the possibility that it could in fact be a skunk? Granted I have a hard time deciphering between the two anymore, but I like that everybody would just jump to the conclusion that it's pot.



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    Youd like the smells of something less organic...

    The smell of meth?
    The smell of gunpowder.

    Even Jerusalem Rd down on the Gold Coast reeks of ganja on a sunny day.

    Maybe your just an "Okie from...."


    How about

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    i dutch oven you, that's a very organic smell!


    May I suggest

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    that a pot smoker's right to put marijuana smoke into the air ends at my nose. Same place your right to swing your fist.

    But then again , nearly all lines and boundaries of common courtesy , common sense and good taste have long ago been erased.

    Yeah, I'm "old."



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    Sue the guy down the road staining his deck in oil!

    ...nah lets burn one at the Arbs.


    What would you suggest the

    What would you suggest the common etiquette should be? Last time I checked, most people seem to consider it rude to smoke indoors these days.

    Smoke less stinky weed?

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    They could smoke something less stinky, or use a vaporizer?

    It is quite amazing how stinky the weed is that people are smoking these days, often I can smell it from more than a block away.


    This is my street

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    And my fault! Buuuttt, i own my place and am employed, and clean up my street and all that good stuff. Pot smokers join me on the other side of the closet!


    How is this Different?

    Unless the complaint is really that the pot stinks because the neighbors aren't sharing, how is the smell of pot any more or less nasty than the smell of tobacco? Does this person feel the same way about having to breathe around a neighborhood filled with two pack-a-day smokers?

    I'm not crazy about smelling others' tobacco, their pot or, for that matter, their Aqua Velva but, putting aside the dangers of second hand smoke, sometimes we just have to deal with the stink of living in a relatively free society.