Citizen complaint of the day: Rampant rats running roughshod

A skeeved out citizen complains about the rats that have taken over Friend Street:

Rats! Lots of them. They get inside car engine compartments, drag garbage with them, eat through wires. We see them scurrying all over the place and see their paw prints in the snow around and under parked cars. There is a hole in wall of the Forecaster Building on the P&P-Parking-lot side where all sorts of rats go in and out.


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Definitely rats in that building

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I walk down Portland Street every morning and I have seen dead rats outside of the building next to the parking lot on a few occasions. There are garage doors that don't go all the way to the ground, so of course it's easy for rats to get in and out. I'm not sure what the business is, but in the summer there are always people inside and earlier this week they were doing work on the second floor.

I know it's not their fault, but every time I pass Cuppacoffee and think about getting something the image of a dead rat enters my head and I keep walking.


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happened to my car in the north end, might as well just sell it. Once they're in there, it's impossible to get rid of the smell, so they keep coming back.


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Apologies if you were being sarcastic, but the Callahan project would certainly qualify if you weren't


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Yes, huge project behind the Grand Canal, plus the new entrance to the Garden parking by North Station / Green Line / Orange Line entrance.

Plus a few more, I'm sure.

And, they haven't even started on the huge construction project behind North Station on what's now a parking lot between the old Spaulding.

The closest big construction

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The closest big construction project would be the New Balance headquarters going up next to the Garden, but it's not all that close.

The building next to the parking lot is run down and it's just a rat-magnet


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Converse is building their HQ there, not New Balance.