Citizen complaint of the day: Really, Marty?

Belgrade Avenue in Roslindale in the snow

A peeved citizen complains in Roslindale:

Really mayor Walsh? Does it seem like a good idea to make employees report to work in these conditions? The T is running huge delays, roads in Rozzie are unplowded, sidewalks unshoveled, COURTS are closed but city hall is open. Not smart.



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That appears to be the state's position

I think most of the city employees' anger is watching the state let all non-essential employees stay home during snow storms and leave work early during snow storms.

And yeah, most of the time I agree, snow happens, it's New England. But the roads are not great, buses are delayed all over the place (obviously, it's snowing), and that makes people angry.


It actually made my trek to

It actually made my trek to North Quincy station pretty nice this morning. My train was on schedule, there was plenty of seating at 8:30 AM, overall it was a pleasant and relaxing morning commute today. No complaints! If I wanted snow days I'd go back to school.

Sidewalks are rarely shoveled

Sidewalks are rarely shoveled in Boston. Hopefully the new Mayor will see what Menino didn't care about, that pedestrians need to be able to get around the city during the winter as well, and do what many other cities do: plow sidewalks that are heavily used and actually enforce the rules on businesses and residents that they shovel the sidewalks in front of their houses. Menino drove everywhere so couldn't care less about how people got around who didn't drive, but its ridiculous that the city can plow all the streets but leave the sidewalks a mess.


My sister was cited

My sister lived on a very residential street in W. Roxbury with very little foot traffic (mostly dog walkers). They were on vacation and there was a snow storm and they got a citation/fine from the city for not shoveling the sidewalk in front of their house. This was while Menino was mayor.

Took me an extra 10 minutes...from Marshfield

Thanks, no delays on Greenbush, with 6 inches of snow, only took me an extra 10 minutes from Marshfield to Boston today, and that is only because of the 90 year old ahead of me between my house and the train station. Make sure the complainer identifies themselves as a "non-essential" employee when the next round of layoffs comes up.

Suck it up yella.



Growing up as a kid in Brookline, I remember the sidewalk plows that would handle all the walkways of the "main streets".

In all of my adult life in Boston, I don't think I've ever seen one before working the sidewalks. City life vs 'Burb life?

Harry the Greek, not " The

Harry the Greek, not " The Harry the Greek " used to own Home market when it was across the street on the other corner, and I believe he was the farther of Michael Contompasis of Boston Latin School fame. Not sure what is there now , maybe it was a dry cleaners later, memory is rusty.

Yeah, snow happens. But...

I grew up in Vermont, where they didn't cancel school unless you were getting at least 8 inches of snow, so I don't have a ton of sympathy for people who complain about this. It's New England, this is not news, deal with it.

That said, some city workers do have a legit gripe in that they have to take a vacation day to watch their kids because schools are closed in the city.

For me, the bigger complaint is - why am I seeing a plow with its blade down every 2 minutes on Washington street in JP, but our own street has only been done once, by a pickup truck, with a path cleared only as wide as his small plow, on a two-way street? Spread these guys out a little, for crying out loud!


The difference is...

Your side road is in all likelihood not nearly as much of a priority as washington st, sorry but that's just the way it is, everywhere. There's no way you can keep every road scraped down to pavement. Enjoy it! I love driving on snow covered roads, it's quite fun.

Really people...

I made it to work a few minutes early - and that's with taking the bus to Forest Hills (instead of walking to W. Rox station) and taking the Commuter Rail from there. The only hard/scary part of my commute was sliding down the front steps on to the 36 bus.

Now, I pray getting home will be just as easy. I plan to be at the Corrib to have my birthday pint of Guinness!

Just got back from downtown

Because I had a snow day from school, I thought I'd take care of a little personal business at City Hall. I had no problems getting down there on the Orange Line. City Hall was dead but the City Council had their regularly scheduled noon meeting. You'll be glad to know that all of your paid, elected representatives appeared to be in attendance although the chamber was practically empty.

Then I thought, let me take care of getting a new Charlie Card while I'm down here and never am during "normal" business hours.
I thought I was the lucky one when I found no line but, alas, the Charlie Card office was closed due to "severe weather".

Oy Vey!

Crying because Mumbles is no

Crying because Mumbles is no longer ensuring that every inch is lifted from the street. Should invest in some boots, long coat, hat, shovel and sand. Know there are a few places that sell them near that section


What about letter carriers who have to get to work, find a parking spot at P.O., manage to get mail to their routes, find another parking spot at their routes. then walk miles on unshoveled sidewalks or unplowed streets.