Citizen complaint of the day: Roasted chicken on a bench

Roasted chicken

A concerned citizen complains about the stuff he or she is forever finding on a bench along the 44 bus route on Walnut Avenue in Roxbury:

This time it's a whole roasted chicken. BTW the 44 is so slow I think the chicken was alive when it started waiting.



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I don't see any napkins so, you know whoever got on the bus and grabbed onto anything within reach with chicken greasy hands. Gross.

She is me

She is me, a he... and yeah there's all sorts of "interesting" garbage in Roxbury. Last summer when walking my dog I came across an entire breakfast meal on the sidewalk... eggs, sausage, french toast. Just strewn all over the sidewalk. My dog enjoyed the bonus meal.

Don't even get me started about the strange places you find condoms here.

But at least I made the Citizens Complaint of the Day! I've arrived!

Would it have been too hard...

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to just pick it up and throw it away? I guess taking a picture, filing a complaint, and waiting for some public employee to do that was a better plan......


I was waiting for the inevitable self-righteous suggestion that we should all just pick up after these slobs ourselves. After all, it's every citizen's moral duty to pick up other people's trash, without any consideration for their own health, cleanliness or comfort. Thanks for keeping the streak alive.