Citizen complaint of the day: Somebody is chaining buckets to a light pole in Chinatown

A concerned citizen reports somebody chained two buckets to a light pole at Beach and Oxford streets in Chinatown.

The city reports it promptly sent somebody down to remove the buckets, but did not say what was in them that would make them valuable enough to warrant trying to lock them down.

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      Are you kidding?

      Doesn't the complainer know its August Moon Iron Syrup time? The sap runs best during hot days after a cool week.

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      Unattended buckets do not

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      Unattended buckets do not cause complete lockdown and bomb squad apparently

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      If the buckets were empty and had no lids there would be no reason for lockdown.

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      They are ashtrays.

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      Buckets there so bicycles not?

      People chaining things to light and sign posts all the time. How fast would the city respond to reports of a bicycle chained to a post? Somebody want to try?

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      City only cares about bikes

      City only cares about bikes on posts if there's a handicapped sign on the post. Found this out the hard way.

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      space savers..?

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      my guess is that they're filled with concrete and serve as on-demand space savers, without the hassle of carrying a big cylinder of concrete to and fro all the live long day.

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