Citizen complaint of the day: Space saving has just gotten completely out of control

Toddler as space saver

A concerned citizen reports from E. 3 Street in South Boston:

Toddler left as space saver. Oh my!

H/t Dan Adams.



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Doesn't count

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It appears that this "spot" has not been shoveled.

Raise your hand if you've

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Raise your hand if you've ever submitted a Citizens Complaint just to troll Adam...

Jeez. People can post things

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Jeez. People can post things like this to facebook or a personal blog. Don't waste the city government's time.


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a space saver that can do the vandalizing for you!

Oh, my god!

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What the hell is this...a joke??

Seniority clock started

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When she gets her license she'll be fully vested and have that spot for life!