Citizen complaint of the day: Stupid Channel 25 trucks

WFXT truck outside the State House

An irate citizen complains:

Fox 25 regularly has vehicles parked on sidewalk in front of the State House. Why is this gross violation tolerated? 1) it's a no parking zone 2) they block the sidewalk 3) security risk 4) terrible foreground for tourist pictures of our historic capital building.



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You'd think with the amount

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You'd think with the amount of shit Sharman Sacchetti has given the governor over the years that a fox 25 truck would be the last vehicle welcome on the front sidewalk of the state house.

This is Awesome!

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Always annoys me. They park there because of the "Beacon Hill Studio" they have. Pay for Parking! I understand when something news worthy is going on at the State House. But they use it as a parking space.

News vehicles can get away

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News vehicles can get away with illegal parking almost anywhere there's a news scene or outside their studio. Because channel 25 has a studio across the street and the State House is a daily news scene their trucks can get away with. Channel 5's vans are frequently parked on the sidewalks around their studio too, along with an armada of govt and police vehicles.

If you work for the government or the 4th estate the parking laws don't apply. Nice to be lorded over and lectured by our betters.

Only Fox 25 trucks draw outrage?

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Remarkable that a truck owned by a Fox affiliate draws the ire of a complainant. Having driven by the State House for years and seen vehicles from every other outlet of the more corrupt, compliant media parked there, why complain now? Perhaps when the handicapped ramps are finally blocked and the remaining offensive fire hydrants are moved, Beacon Hill liberals can get back to "normal".

Active vs. Parking

All the news networks park there when they are doing a statehouse story which seems somewhat reasonable. Only Fox25 parks there when not doing a story as they have their micro studio across the street.

The "solution" is for the state police to make a rule that for a news truck to be parked there they must have an operator stay with the truck at all times.

While we're on the topic, the state police park their cars on the sidewalk there far more often then any news people.

Soon to be Cox25

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San Francisco gains two Fox owned and operated channels, Boston's Fox owned and operated station is sold to Cox out of Atlanta.

I'm no Murdoch fan and never watch Fox (or TV period, cable or otherwise) but obviously the people complaining are complaining because it's Fox and they are self described 'progressives'. I also see other news outlets parked out there. Don't worry, I doubt that studio will be there much longer.


Nope. Fox really does park there that much more often. It's particularly noticeable during the summer because the double-decker tour buses come down Beacon Street and have to weave around the Fox truck. I know it looks more dangerous than it really is but there's something disconcerting about seeing one of those buses actually sway.

oh ffs

Blocking the sidewalk? Who's trying to get by, the Duggars, walking abreast?

Aas far as the thing blocking photo ops - that's a stretch, if anything, a photo with FoxNews in it gives the folks back home something to talk about. "Ooh, look a news van, big doins over there in Boston"

'No parking zone' is a reason I can get behind, but given that this is Boston, there are lots of NPZs and lots of illegally parked vehicles, why single out this one?

I don't like Fox, I don't like Murdoch, etc etc, but this complaint seems sort of arbitrary. And whiny.

Yeah but try telling that to

Yeah but try telling that to the out of state Occupistas who marched on the BH studio screaming "fuck fox news" like it would instill radical change in...something, other than a youtube video.

I'm guessing they were

I'm guessing they were singled out because....they happened to be parked there the day the person walked by and filed the complaint. Not everything is a conspiracy.

You know what

You aren't special, they aren't special, and the truck simply should NOT be parked there.

It doesn't matter who it belongs to, the driver is an entitled douche and the truck shouldn't be there.

Repeating a third time because you might not get it the first two: the truck should not be there.

Pet peeve

So annoying. To the commenter who says the complaint seems arbitrary, yes, singling out Fox25 is arbitrary but perhaps that's the only truck in front of the State House on the days observed. Every station does it-and why? "Live at the State House ..." as if it matters, since what ever they are reporting isn't going on there.

Should it change? Yes. Will it change? No.

I'd like them to allow parking on that side of Beacon so that TV trucks can park there without breaking the law. Or, shock! Could it be "TV Newscrews only"?

It's Not Bias Already...

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As other posters have said, it's not singled out because it's Fox.
If there was a story going on and it was parked there with other news trucks for such, there would be many others and the satellite mast would be up.

This is just someone parking it there day to day because they are too lazy to find a legal parking spot, and taking advantage of the fact that it happens to be a news truck in the hope that it grants them immunity to the parking rules.

Oh the irony since Fox 25

Oh the irony since Fox 25 would be the first station here to complain if the state or city was parking vehicles there.

I have seen them parked there many times. I have seen other stations too but Fox has its Beacon Hill studio right there so not a surprise they're the most frequent offender.