Citizen complaint of the day: Tree killer on Comm. Ave.

Dead tree on Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton

A concerned citizen notes a newly dead tree in front of 1712 Comm. Ave.:

Someone seems to have sawed down one of the small trees along Comm Ave on the inbound side.

Ed. note: Could it be the ninja tree killer? In the past, he's tened to stay within the confines of Brighton Center.



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      Lost Key

      Bike (scooter?) related is my guess too. It could have even been someone who lost their key and figured the tree was dead anyway.

      Other cities put a little fence around the tree which looks nice and keeps it from being killed by jackasses, trucks, etc.

      tree killers

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      are horrible sociopaths who must be stopped

      pardon me for noticing, but the tree appears to have been dead
      at the time it was cut down, or else it would have dead leaves
      on it

      perhaps somebody frustrated by the city's negligence of our
      tree population did this to get them to replace the tree

      I mean, who needs air cleaners or shade in the middle
      of the city in the summer anyway?


      already dead

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      Right, see no evidence of any buds on this tree at all. In fact, looks like the support post was sawed off as well? That doesn't appear to be the modus operandi of a tree killer.

      why bother?

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      Why bother trying to do nice things in Allston or Brighton?


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      Why bother trying to do nice things in Allston or Brighton?

      Would you say that

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      about Dot/Rox/Mat, because last i looked all three are a hell of a lot dirtier than Allston/Brighton!


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      In case you hadn't noticed, this is a local news site, which means that it covers local news and does not attempt to compete with the BBC, the New York Times, etc.


      bulgingbuick slaps us on the wrist

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      sigh... remember how we call all talk about more than one news item at a time? Furthermore, the focus at universal hub is on local stories.


      Get a

      grip. The outraged citizen needs perspective and you two need a sarcasm meter.

      The 'Herald' column section misses you

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      Sarcasm meter? Everyone got the point you were trying to make. We just thought it was a really stupid one.

      Anyhow, why are you wasting time replying to comments here when you should be out doing something about Gaza?

      this is unfair

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      The complaint was sent to the appropriate place, without emotion, just reporting that the tree was cut down. No outrage, just a report.

      Everyday there are tragedies around the world, some that impact society, some that tear apart families and some that affect few. However, that does not mean that our daily activities are somehow put on hold until a consensus is reached regarding priorities. Put your comment into perspective and stop being a jerk, do it for the people in Gaza, who wish they had the luxury to gripe for no apparent reason.

      Ninja tree killer

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      The ninja uses a sword or axe, not a saw. He either hacks them down or destroys enough of the outer column of the trunk that the tree slowly dies of thirst.