Citizen complaint of the day: Walsh better have a spine

Telegraph Street in South Boston

An irate citizen complains about space savers on Telegraph Street in South Boston:

WTF?! Space holders in VISITOR PARKING?! Come on! The old Mayor's office was do-nothing on this stuff. I hope Walsh has a backbone.

Separately, the city responds to a similar complaint on Westmoreland Street in Dorchester by saying workers picked up all the cones there.



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space savers aren't fair

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Still waiting for someone at city hall to figure out that there is no way for space saving to be "fair" in a neighborhood with a parking shortage.

BRA and Zoning Board

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As long as they allow housing units to be built with little or no parking, there will continue to be people who save parking spaces.

As long as

As long as they allow housing units to be built with little or no people to register cars if they don't have parking, there will continue to be people who save parking spaces.

Google "shako-shoumei" to see how it's done.

Car registration

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How about going after all the Yuppies who don't register their cars in this State? Drive around and look at all the NY, NJ, CT, RI etc etc plates. Colleges shouldn't issue a diploma to these freeloaders until they submit a MA registration.


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If your car isn't registered to your South Boston address, then you can't get a residential parking sticker. Nice try though.


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These are the douches who take up parking spaces, don't move their cars for days and don't pay the City excise taxes. These are the same douches who complain about space savers and who don't shovel. The City does not ticket them and allows them to park in the City without residential parking permits.

You fail

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The BRA has been forcing developers to build multiple parking spaces per unit for the last 50 years until last month.

Did space savers somehow magically disappear in that time?

Find another excuse, freeloader. Pay for your own parking, stop forcing the rest of the city to subsidize your car.

Instead of "fair" vs "unfair"

Ask yourself, "what policy objectives does a resident sticker program address?" "Are those objectives that we support?" "Is the program effective?"

And then ask yourself the same questions about space savers.

You too can get a residential

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You too can get a residential parking sticker!
Step 1. become a resident of the city of Boston
Step 2. get a job so that you can earn a paycheck
Step 3. save your money and buy a car
Step 4. fill out application to obtain a residential parking sticker


According to his quote in the

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According to his quote in the Herald, he plans to fully support the use, and abuse, of space savers. Don't get your hopes up.

Question: Ok to rent my space-saved parking spot?

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If I shovel a parking space after a snow emergency and then save it with a cone, can I lease the rights to my cleared space? Say $5/hr? I assume it'd be OK for 48-hrs, right? There must be a way to turn a profit from space savers.

You're probably a non-shoveler

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who doesn't even own a shovel, and if you do why don't you shovel out your neighbors cars for $5/hour.

I pray to God the Mayor does

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I pray to God the Mayor does more important things with his time than deal with neighborhood parking disputes. I know the space savers issue gets heated, but don't you think there are bigger issues in this city?

I hope he does not mediate

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I hope he does not mediate individual disputes, and of course he wont, that would be silly. I do think it is reasonable for his administration to have a policy on the issue.

All politics

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is local. Space savers can't get more local.

A condo in the blue building

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A condo in the blue building in the picture is listed for sale at $825,000. You get a whopping 2 beds 2 baths and 1,147 sq. feet of living space with 1 garage parking spot. Keep arguing about parking spots.

Your comment makes no sense

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Two bedrooms in Southie equates to 2 Yuppies and their 2 girlfriends for a total of 4 vehicles. The City allows development with .8 parking spaces per unit. Do the math, something doesn't add up.

space savers

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One possibility would be to limit the number of Resident Parking Stickers with priority going to the people who own and live in their South Boston property. The remaining stickers could be distributed to renters on either a first come, first serve basis, or a lottery. Either way, the resident home owners should have priority.

So, "get out newcomers"? Except if you are loaded?

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According to the census, ~42% of the units in South Boston are owner-occupied. I would imagine that a lot of these are families that have lived in the neighborhood for a long time, and the rest are new apartments or condos that have been going up and selling for big $$$.

Seems a little mean to enact a policy that will impact over half the residents of a neighborhood and disproportionally impact those that just don't have the kind of money to buy property.

How about

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You pay $2000 a year for your effin space, you "own" it.

Otherwise shaaadup.

Do you really think if anti

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Do you really think if anti-space saver policy was written, it would be enforced? A truck comes around to collect the space savers, people will put new ones out. The people who abuse space savers, would do the same despite a policy. They are the ones that damage cars and threaten bodily harm, they don't care about the law. I doubt this is high on the mayors priority list. Also, people use space savers in locations other than Southie.