Citizen complaint of the day: What's a guy gotta do to see some good street dancing in this town?

Boring dancers in Copley Square, Back Bay

A concerned citizen complains about the lack of action outside the BPL in Copley Square:

Trio of would-be hip-hoppers have blocked off a large part of sidewalk in front of BPL and are not even dancing. Most boring show ever.



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    It would appear to be optimal "dancing for profit" and it helps to have very little body fat. Lol

    I saw this group the other

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    I saw this group the other week and felt embarrassed for our city. They had a crowd of tourist families and then they started doing some cartwheels. They then called people up from the crowd for a weird stunt that involved a lot of inappropriate comments about people's races and sexual attractiveness. I'm not a prude, but it was really awkward to see a teen with her parents called a "sexy little asian sensation".


    Don't worry, no one will do

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    Don't worry, no one will do anything about it. Just laugh along as some dude mocks you to your face and expects a tip afterwards.


    Just walked by there

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    I just walked by there and noticed the cones blocking off most of the sidewalk and had the same thought as the person complaining. There was one person "dancing", but it was pretty awful. He wasn't using much space at all, so not sure why the sidewalk had to be blocked off. How is this allowed?

    There were about 5 people watching, but I think they were all part of the group. Hopefully they are gone after today - clearly no one is interested in watching them.

    Fanueil Hall performers?

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    I wonder if this is the same group that performs at Fanueil Hall. They do a couple flips, then stall...and stall..., and pull a few audience members into the center as though they might do a flip over them, and stall..., then collect tips in a giant bucket, and stall.

    45 minutes of creative stalling tactics. I've never had time to stick around for the climax of their show.

    *Make sure the mayor sees this.


    Stalling tactics

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    I think one of the main tactics of all those Fanueil Hall street performers is stalling. The acrobats do the same thing. A lot of bluster.


    Today's showtimes....

    While out for run with dog about a half hr ago and could not help but notice 75% of paved large walkway blocked off by a large number of cones (that look like they were picked out of dumpster behind a health club that were used for boot camps in 1992). This was right along water at Columbus Park at Long first thought New Edition was reuniting and was a free concert, but did not take long to figure out this show was all talk and not a lot of action. The hustlers keep getting younger and younger (and a lot less talented too IMO).

    The ones that really have to go

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    The ones that really have to go are the people that simply bang on upturned buckets all day. What's that all about? The noise is deafening, and if you ask me, simply displaying a reasonably decent sense of rhythm is not reason enough for me to give somebody a donation.


    Real street musicians can't

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    Real street musicians can't stand bucket drummers.

    I'm opposed to most regulation of street performers, especially permits. But a simple decibel limit, measured by a meter, makes a lot of sense.


    Wow, then I'll consider myself lucky for actually seeing some action. They (or another group) were at Columbus Park last Saturday, and had a big crowd. 4 people were crouched over in the middle, and one guy did a flip over them just as we were walking past. We kept moving. I guess I saw the highlight of the show.