Citizen complaint of the day: Why'd Tommy have to leave?

A concerned citizen posts a photo of some trash along the curb on Birch Street in Roslindale Square and grumps:

I miss Menino. He kept the streets clean in Roslindale Village.

One surmises that this concerned citizen hasn't met the other concerned citizen who complained how filthy Adams Park was in the waning days of the Menino regime.



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    It wasn't Menino

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    the Public Works Department cleans the streets.

    No change

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    Drinkers get their nips and throw them on the street when they're done. Gamblers drop their scratch tickets on the ground after they lose. People piss in the tunnel by Fallon Field. Etc., etc... It was the same under Walsh as Menino. The trade off of living somewhere like Roslindale is that unlike the leafy suburbs, there are plenty of people here who couldn't care less about their surroundings.