Citizen compliment of the day: The hokey man of Bay Village

A content citizen offers praise:

On Friday, April 10, a city worker swept and cleaned the streets of Bay Village. He did a beautiful job and I can see the difference he made. I just thought you should know. He was over 6 ft tall, dark skin, husky build with an easy smile. I hope this message will reach his supervisor. Funny, a neighbor just stopped and mentioned the same thing- the streets were "immaculate" he said.

Citizen complaint of the day: Why was the hokey pokey in Roslindale?



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      Thanks for this.

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      And good for Ms. Sullivan. It was people like her that made me remember why I loved doing what I was doing when I worked in the public sector - which was no easy task when you are so frequently painted with the broad brush of being a "hack".


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      I worked cleaning streets, with a pushbroom and a spike to pick up papers, in the 1970's. Nice to see someone doing a similar job getting praise!


      trash spike

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      ...sitting on the tailgate of an MDC pick-up as it drove through Breakheart reservation, spearing trash with a trash spike that had a rope tied to the summer job of my life. Scratch job of my life.

      Serious Work

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      I could have had a pretty cushy time of it working for the City of Boston, but what did I know? I figured it was the first step on a career, so I worked my butt off. I literally swept up bags full of sand and trash from alleyways, along Beacon Street, etc. My four-block stretch was pretty damn clean.

      It's way past time where anyone else on that crew would be hurt by my saying that most of the rest of the guys weren't quite so gung-ho. They spent the greater part of the day sunbathing and enjoying a bottle (I'm not saying I didn't join them once or twice, but I only did so after I had busted my chops.)

      In the end, we were all laid off at the end of the summer. That was probably the plan all along, so maybe the other guys had the right idea.