City adds WiFi to Jamaica Pond

The city Parks and Recreation Department says it's installed a WiFi hotspot in the area of the boat house and bandstand.



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    Is this related to the construction/detours on Perkins St? If so, do you have the link to the announcement because I've been unable to find any info about the constructions and how long it will be going on for.


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    Construction near the pond

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    This morning Perkins street was closed from Chestnut Street to Jamaicaway. Other portions of the road have also been closed around the pond over the past week. The detours usually start after 9 or 10, but I've been unable to find any notice of the construction on DCR, Parks and Rec, City of Boston, etc. sites.

    I was just wondering if Parks and Rec was overhauling the area and the WiFi hotspot was a small piece of the work. If that was the case I was hoping there would be more details about the length of the project etc.

    Google maps link of the road.

    New water pipes?

    They were unloading lots of pipes last week, and there seems to be that above ground hose-like pipe along the road so I'm assuming that this is a water pipe replacement. There is a sign near the turn for Parkman Drive and Kelly Circle but I didn't see the times/dates of construction.

    I don't think it is related to wifi at the boathouse.

    Thanks. Yeah I didn't expect

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    Thanks. Yeah I didn't expect it was related. I was just hoping because I haven't been able to find any info about it. Good call on the pipes, but I don't see anything from MWRA either. Oh well.

    Something is getting buried

    Something is getting buried under the asphalt from Francis Parkman almost all the way to the traffic light at Chestnut, judging by the spray painting.

    About time!

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    Oh good. Now we have something to do there instead of looking at some stupid pond.

    Even better...

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    ...and much cheaper, the TV could just show footage of the pond!

    Yay! Netflix by the park

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    I have been waiting my entire life to watch on my iPad Sharknado 2: Predators of Jamaica Pond with a portable iHTiB sharing the volume with everyone while standing in the middle of the walkway oblivious because everybody will want to hear the screams of little doggies that wonder around the pond eaten by land sharks.

    Or we could have Pandora based dance parties playing the loudest, baddest and fattest bass( or base) hip hop in the nation.

    I make plenty use of my mobile electronics. A cell phone actually allows me to accomplish things that would take a little longer and a few more steps in the past. But I think that cell phones, cars that beep and squack when locked or unlocked, boom boom cars, etc. are destroying the relative quiet of being outdoors. Relative quiet, not silence, because there is always background noise. But background noise which is limited and forms a white noise in the background. Cell phone addicts who talk loudly and cars that make crazy amounts of noises blast through the white noise as though shouting out "Look at Me!"

    And for the inevitable, "If you want to live where it's quiet move the country," I wonder when did the outdoors become a circus? If I wanted to live in a circus I would join the circus. Instead I like living around human beings that I can hear without noises demanding my attention, or be able to enjoy my surroundings, such as ponds, those things called trees (which are strangely quiet - maybe they need to mutate to make noise) as well as parks which, at least until recently, were generally pretty quiet places.

    Wake up sheeple!!11

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    This is all part of an ingenious corporate plan to wall off the pond and turn it into a giant Starbucks.


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    Does anyone know why there aren't any allowances for concessions or a food truck by the boathouse? A pop-up JP Licks or similar would make tons of cash a portion of which could then go to upkeep around the pathways where there's erosion, etc... I think it would be a win-win for a vendor and the Parks dept.

    Its been a dream of mine....

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    To be able to bring my Mac out to The Jamaica Pond because I can. What could go wrong?