City aims to honor former mayor, city councilor

The City Council voted today to form a commission to figure out how to honor former Mayor Ray Flynn and agreed to back efforts to rename the Ferdinand complex in Dudley Square the Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building.



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Enough with the naming

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Enough with the naming buildings, statutes and honors. It's bad for the ego. Our elected officials need to focus on making the city a better place.


I like that a sign for a

I like that a sign for a parking lot was recently installed in Brighton with Menino's name in the same size font as the "municipal lot" wording. Sign was installed probably two months ago.

Like the statue of Saddam

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Wrap a chain around every sign Menino's name appears and tear it down. It's one thing to honor somebody, it's a dictator who honors themselves.


It's gotta have an umbrella

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They could pay tribute to Flynn AND the Pope with a statue of Ray holding the umbrella for the pope. (Dang that Internet...I was shocked that I couldn't find that photo online.)

What was the point in keeping

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What was the point in keeping the Ferdinand furniture building if you are going to change the name? The people will forget what it actually was. It was a furniture emporium. Keep it Ferdinand's , sorry Brucie ! find something else to dedicate.


The Ferdinand building

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Will still have the historic sign at the top that reads Ferdinands. The new building is much larger and incorporates three historic buildings so it makes sense to name the new building.


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Name the building Anon. That way you offend nobody.