The City that Always Sleeps can snooze on: McDonald's franchise owner withdraws 24-hour request in Allston

Bob King, owner of the McDonald's at Harvard and Commonwealth Avenues, has withdrawn his request to the Boston Licensing Board to operate 24 hours a day.

The McDonald's is currently licensed for operations between 5 a.m. and 2 a.m.

King also withdrew his application to extend the hours of his Western Avenue McDonald's to 5 a.m. to 1 a.m.



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Paul Berkely

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Can't. Too wound up. Going to cruise around the hood and make Citizen's Connect complaints about improper signage to calm down.

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He woke up with a horse head in his bed

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At first, he thought it was a message from Paul Berkeley and the ACA. Then he realized he brought it home with him from making Quarter Pounder patties the night before.

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5am to 2am

This is already a 24-hour operation. What difference does it make if they are serving fries or not?

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There are people who work

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There are people who work overnight shifts who might want french fries at 4 in the morning after they get out of work. How is it any of your business?

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you want some iced coffee for the knee that hit your desk

Typical Anon knee jerk response.

Pretty clear that if people are already working there 24 hours a day they can serve some fries with that.

But, hey, why actually read something when you can just react?

(You can search back through threads for my previous responses to resistance to 24 hour businesses since I have a consistent log in, you know)

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To Swirly's point

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McDonald's switches over to breakfast around 4am.. actually many times you can't get fries after 3am (at least at the ones I've been to)

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anybody know

what a realistic reason might be that he withdrew the request? would it be something like he heard it was going to get denied anyway and he thought he would save face by withdrawing rather than getting told no?

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I've heard from our civic

I've heard from our civic association that if they will be denied by the neighborhood association, they will often withdraw the request and regroup. Find a way to work with the neighborhood to drum up support before going forward. Don't think its about saving face, but about not wasting time with a formal vote if there is no way they can win.

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