City Council orders controversial landlord to show up at a hearing

The City Council voted unanimously today to issue a formal summons to landlord Anwar Faisal to appear at a hearing on Aug. 13, or risk possible arrest.

Faisal has declined past requests to appear voluntarily at council hearings on his rental practices. City Councilor Josh Zakim, who is particularly concerned about Faisal's dealings with Northeastern University, submitted the request for a summons.

At-large Councilor Steve Murphy said he will brook no dissing of the council. "If that means we should bring in Mr. Anwar Faisal in irons, then we should do that," he said.

Councilor Tim McCarthy said Faisal's refusal to appear before the council shows "this guy doesn't really understand how important this is."



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"If that means we should

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"If that means we should bring in Mr. Anwar Faisal in irons, then we should do that," he said.

1) Move hearing to City Hall Plaza
2) Set up bleachers
3) Sell tickets
4) Fund Entire City Operating Budget for Next Decade

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Friday Evening

There would be a few leftovers from Haymarket to sell to the crowds.

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Not defending Anwar Faisal's

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Not defending Anwar Faisal's business practices, but I'm sure he's not the only slum lord in Boston. Don't make him a scapegoat and waste Boston Police's time arresting a guy during a summer of violence. Why not work reforming the city dept charged with enforcing housing codes? But having a circus in city hall is way more important than getting their hands dirty.

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I don't think that word means what you think it means.

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So then he shouldn't be

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So then he shouldn't be published? Get outta here man

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Also wondering that

The last time I looked, they I couldn't find any section of the Boston Municipal Code that empowered them to issue warrants, subpoenas or summonses.

If anyone knows otherwise, could you point me to the relevant chapter and verse?

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Much obliged to you and the anon who pointed me at the relevant section of the General Laws.

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"If that means we should bring in Mr. Anwar Faisal in irons, then we should do that."

In shackles, speaking in the third person (as he is want to do) -- that would just make my summer.

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