City Council rejects bid to try to block BU biolab work

Mass Live reports on an 8-5 vote against a proposal to fight research on the world's deadliest microorganisms at BU's South End research facility.



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    It's a trick

    There is no "infectious disease" laboratory in that building. The whole thing is a sham, a cover for the massive project designed to reanimate the corpse of John Silber and implant his brain into an unstoppable cyborg.


    I wonder if they will use

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    I wonder if they will use their hastag #ThatsSoBU to report the first accident?


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    So who voted for? Against? Why don't journalists report the basic, pertinent facts in a story anymore? I don't mean you, Adam. I mean Mass Live, the BG, etc. So frustrating!

    Vote tally

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    For fighting BU: Flaherty, Jackson, Pressley, Yancey, Wu.
    Against fighting BU: Linehan, Murphy, Zakim, Ciommo, McCarthy, O'Malley, LaMattina, Baker.

    Via Wu's recap of today's meeting.

    I don't get

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    why anyone thought this was *ever* a good idea to begin with. Yes, top scientists don't want to work in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, I get that, but putting the world's deadliest germs in the middle of a dense city with a high volume interstate bus/train staion and an international airport is just foolishness.


    Mayor Walsh can still say no

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    One of the positions Mayor Walsh took in the election is that he opposed the Level 4 bio Lab.
    So lets hope he prevents it from happening. Its now up to our mayor to protect us not only from BU, but also from the city councilors who voted to put our lives at risk by approving the Level 4 bio lab in the middle of our residential neighborhoods.



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    The irony is that when their research is successful, the Level 4 Biolab will be the only thing protecting you from some of the worst diseases in the world.



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    Citations please.

    I hope that you have enough self awareness to realize just how much you sound like those "how dare you question my authority" weaponized cops do.


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    Let's play a little logic game:

    -Treatments and cures for illnesses usually come through scientific research
    -There are no treatments or cures for the BSL-4 illnesses
    Therefore, we need scientific research on these specific illnesses.

    And the whole point around these labs is that it's very, very, VERY unlikely that any "whoops" situation occurs that puts the general public at risk. Essentially none, because the people who do this work know what they are doing.

    No idea what he's talking about

    This must be some other "South End" than the one I live in because I've never heard a peep from anyone about fears the Biolab could unleash a deadly disease on us all.

    They did, 10 years ago

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    I was on a neighborhood committee near the South End and there was a whole meeting about this thing before construction began.

    I can't even imagine why this is an issue now. I wouldn't have broken ground unless I already had a contract with the city to continue with level 4--those labs aren't cheap.

    Or ...

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    You could just scroll up a bit on this page to find the answer.


    Just flaut the law, Don

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    Now, what Wu does would be okay via the law, not because she is using a format unthought of in 1947, but because she summarizing the meeting, not providing a verbatim transcript of the session.

    Have you talked to your state rep about this yet. All you have to do is draft a law repealing Chapter 447 of the Acts of 1947 and you're all set.