City councilor sets new standard for having ice poured on his head

May take a moment or two to appear (it's for the fight against ALS):




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Designer bucket maybe.

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OK - I'm confused now

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Sounds like if you're challenged to do this and actually dump cold ice on your head, you don't have to donate anything to ALS. But if you wimp out and don't accept the challenge, you then have to make a donation.

Guess charities will do some weird things in the name of publicity.

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The deal

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At least as I understand it.

If you are challenged by someone (or want to start a chain), you have to donate 1X amount (well, you should feel compelled). If you also then dump ice water on yourself, you don't have to donate any further and can then compel up to 5 others to donate. If you choose not to ice yourself, then you are supposed to donate 4X more than you were going to otherwise (to make up for ending the chain).

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Great idea that has raised

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Great idea that has raised hundreds of thousands and raiised a ton of awareness. Minus the posers, what a great job!

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