City honors rebirth of once dilapidated Roxbury mansion as apartments

Mayor Walsh at revitalized Alvah Kittredge mansion

Mayor Walsh at Alvah Kittredge dedication. Photo by Bartlett Events.

City officials this evening formally dedicated the rebuilt Alvah Kittredge House, saved through the work of Historic Boston, which took ownership of the long-vacant early 19th-century structure on Linwood Street in 2011 and rebuilt it as five two-bedroom apartments.




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    Kittredge house

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    This is my neighborhood, and this house has a long and strong history. Itis a keystone in the revitalization of the neighborhood. Historic Boston has been an important element in seeing the value in the older buildings and keeping them standing and making them useful again.

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    Beautiful house, I'm glad

    Beautiful house, I'm glad they were able to save it. Regarding Historic Boston, they often do good work, but I sometimes question their credibility as in the time at a Zoning meeting when they tried to use their influence and spoke in favor of bulldozing an historic JP buliding - one that happened to be owned by one of their Board members, and was 'in the way' of one of his redevelopment projects. The building was eventually saved, but only because the neighbors showed up in full force and demanded they do so.

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    The beautification for the returning whites, affluent, non-affluent minorities and all gentrifiiers!

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    Alvah Kittredge House

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    Although I could not be at the celebration, my heart is glad to see the Historic Alvah Kittredge House returned beautifully to the Community of Roxbury. Its storied past and its future promise of housing Roxbury Residents anchoring Kittredge Square again is simply wonderful. Thanks Historic Boston, Inc., neighbors, supporters, politicians, and fundraisers for giving an important part of Roxbury's history back to us.

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