City is jittery today

This morning, police evacuated a MassDOT building at 185 Kneeland St. after the discovery of a mysterious device. The BPD bomb squad blew it up, then found a second, similar device.

The Globe reports authorities didn't blow it up because a label on it identified it as a "high-voltage fuse" and discovered they had fallen out of a truck.

Not long after, Emma Tangoren reports, the nearby 745 Atlantic Ave. was evacuated, and the bomb squad summoned again - for what this time turned out to be an abandoned bag full of shoes.



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      an abandoned bag full of shoes

      Around here, some folks call that a memorial!

      Now I'm curious

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      Was this Act 1 of the 2-act play entitled "Crazy art student gets himself arrested and his backpacks blown up"?


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      Apparently "Boston Strong" means lots of melodrama - posing for commemorative photos, posting sappy crap on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter - commercialization - racism/classism - and of course a healthy dose of panicking about everything.

      Demographics of local runners

      Mostly white with free time to go out for months of training runs. Running from cops and each other in the hood is more sprint to 2k distance runs.