City, Mohegan Sun come to terms; Suffolk Downs agrees to stay open as a race track

Mayor Walsh today announced an agreement with Mohegan Sun under which the proposed Revere casino would pay the city at least $18 million a year plus another $3 million a year just for capital stuff in East Boston - should the state approve it as the Boston area's resort casino, rather than a competing plan in Everett.

In addition, the mayor said the owners of Suffolk Downs have agreed to keep their race track open through the life of the Mohegan Sun license. Also, Mohegan Sun will spend $45 million on traffic improvements around the casino.

In a statement, the mayor says:

This was a difficult decision, but I have a responsibility as the Mayor of Boston to protect the best interests of our City, and of those in the neighborhood most impacted by this proposal. Mohegan Sun has engaged fully with our team and with this City, with a clear intent to be a good neighbor to our community. I appreciate their willingness to come to the table and work together on a deal that supports and strengthens Boston’s infrastructure and economy.



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Oh really?

"and of those in the neighborhood most impacted by this proposal"

That better mean we get a sizable piece of that $18 million and not just the "extra" $3 million put into the neighborhood as well.

"we get"

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hahaha you think this is going to improve neighborhoods? This is going to go towards skyrocketing pension funds.

Still plan

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on voting to repeal in Nov.

$45 million in traffic

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$45 million in traffic improvements, sounds more like turning more streets in East Boston into highways, less walkable neighborhoods so suburbanites can come and gamble on the slots and quickly drive off after without East Boston benefiting, just more pollution and traffic.

$45 million is small change

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$45 million is small change for transportation projects. No way it would pay enough to do anything you describe, considering that a simple street reconstruction can cost several million, and we all know several million will first go toward a study to determine what all to spend this money on.