City to put US/Germany match on big screen at City Hall Plaza

Mayor Walsh announced today the city and the New England Revolution will host a World Cup viewing on City Hall Plaza on Thursday.

The party starts at 11:30 a.m., the match itself at noon.



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Sounds awesome

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It'll be the one place in town you can be sure you won't run into Dan Shaughnessy


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The only place to run into Shaggy is at the Garden or Fenway. He doesn't live in Boston even though he really wishes he did.

wrong game

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I love the sport, fully support the US, but I really question if this was a good idea.

The Ghana and Portugal games would have been more logical alternatives. Great games.

Is there an expectation that this game will be likewise? This is GERMANY we're talking about here. I look forward to being proved dead wrong.

Not sure if you're serious,

Not sure if you're serious, but I'm pretty sure he meant that there's a non-trivial chance this will be a butt kicking by Germany for a celebratory big screen event.

While an odd comparison but fitting, back in the 2010 World Cup, North Korea played. They played their first game against Brazil and performed respectably only losing 2-1. That defied expectation so much that apparently the next game NK decided to broadcast live rather than delayed after seeing the result. The next game was Portugal. They got to broadcast live back home a 7-0 beatdown.

Umm yeah actually, Germany

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Umm yeah actually, Germany entering this World Cup was ranked #2 in the world behind Spain so this should be the most exciting of the games.


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Thank you for spelling it out. I look forward to being proved wrong.

A different reason

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Neither Germany nor US has ANY interest in scoring in this game. Germany doesn't need to win and the US just needs to tie. It may be a very long, boring 0-0 affair. Ghana is desperate (needs to win by 2) and Portugal (needs to win by 4) is even more so. However, both need a US loss or it doesn't matter.

The US is already pretty dinged up. Neither team is going to want to rack up any cards. The whole thing could be a snoozefest. The only thing the US has to play for is if it beats Germany then it plays the 2nd team to come from Group H instead of Belgium who is almost guaranteed to be H1. But Germany wouldn't stand for it. There's no reason to provoke Germany into putting the US team at risk of elimination with a loss just to get a better draw for the next round.

The point is that this is the final game of group play

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This game (along with the simultaneous Ghana-Portugal one) determines if the US advance to the next round. That's why they are doing this. Also, the other two games were at 6PM on a monday and 6PM on a sunday.

anyone know...

...if they're serving beer at this thing?

this will largely influence my decisionmaking on this viewing destination.

If you can use discretion

If you can use discretion there are a number of liquor stores in that area, as well as bars.

If you get caught, just tell them you're canadian.

London Olympics

I was in London for the Olympics and they had outdoor viewings all across the city. It was a ton of fun and people had a great time. It didn't matter who won or who was playing, it was just fun.

Boston should really do that with sporting events more often. Maybe even have a weekly/monthy Sox night.

They have had and have a few

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They have had and have a few more Sox games broadcast in parks around the city, it was at Franklin Park this Sunday.

Cool but...

Awesome that the city is doing this, but I think it would have been nice for this to happen for all the US games- the first two games would have drawn significantly larger crowds as they were played outside of 'normal' work hours. I was somewhat jealous of the TV shots of thousands packed in Chicago watching the first two games- no reason Boston couldn't have done that as well.

I touched upon this in

I touched upon this in another post- A lot of different concerts and events happen at city hall plaza. many of these are going to be booked pretty far in advance. They have to schedule around preexisting conditions, they can't in good faith just kick somebody off the venue to show a soccer game.

Edit: this isn't to say that i don't agree with you, in spirit. but logistics are logistics

I think that Phantom Gourmet

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I think that Phantom Gourmet rib event was there during at least one of the games, maybe both

Yeah, we get it, you don't

Yeah, we get it, you don't like which games are being shown for free in the city. I would say you can protest their decision by not attending.