City Web site going to the dogs

Starting today, Boston residents can get or renew a dog license onlline.

Along with your credit-card number and basic info, you'll also need to upload photos of proof your pet is up to date with rabies vaccination and that he or she has been neutered.

People who prefer getting their licenses the old fashioned way can still go down to City Hall or the city pound in Roslindale.



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    Extremely helpful! Thanks for posting. I've followed your site for a long time without commenting; great stuff...


    Communications of City Council need to be in searchable format !

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    Communications, documents, notices of Boston City Council need to be put in searchable format online and emailed in searchable format !... Not merely photographic images of City Council Communications that're unsearchable.

    Get the City web infrastructure on the road to fundamental redesign with urgent short-term fixes including for hard of hearing the Captioning that hasn't worked on the City Council Public Meetings' webcasts.

    How do you talk software freedom to municipal civic officials and municipal civic advocates!?


    I admire your doggedness

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    But are you pawsitive this is the right post for unleashing a complaint like this? Have you ever tried hounding City Council members directly?


    Which Council member do you

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    Which Council member do you think would be best to shepherd such proposals through the necessary processes? Who would you collie?


    Just did it online! It was easy!

    I just completed my dog's license application online. I entered my 2013 license # and the system pulled up all the info. I took a photo of the new rabies certificate and uploaded it, added the new dates, and paid by credit card. They are charging a $1 processing fee. I imagine because there was no money in the city budget to cover that this year.

    Maybe now we can get more people to license their dogs so the city has an accurate count of how many residents need animal services and recreation opportunities.

    It's great that Animal Care and Control has been placed under Felix Arroyo. He was trying to make some of these changes when he was on the city council but he was not getting cooperation from the department or support from the old mayor.


    Dogs bad for the environment

    They have a carbon footprint, some allege to be that of a SUV. The math is dubious, but if you were truly green, you wouldn't want to increase global warming by having pets or children.


    Perhaps the desire to

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    soak even more money from the citizens of the Commonwealth. Dog licensing is and always has been one of the biggest government-sponsored extortion rackets going.